Sweden Lifestyle and Culture

Lifestyle and Culture in Sweden

Swedish people put the best into their jobs, school or other endeavors, yet they still create time to relax and enjoy themselves. Always leaving time to unwind and take the edge off. The ‘Fika’ culture is very widespread in the country, where coffee, tea, biscuits or pastries are presented over social conversations. This a big part of every Swede’s daily life.

The term ‘Lagom’ is very common amongst swedes, it means ‘just ok’ or ‘just enough’, it pretty much exemplifies their ideals on candor and exactitude. Honesty, fairness, and egalitarianism are very crucial notions to both the government and the people of Sweden.

The LGBGT+ community is very active as discrimination based on sexuality is against the law. Same-sex relations and unions are legal in the country. Swedes have constitutional rights to freedom, choice, speech, religion, and a long list of non-violent liberties.

The country is a non-religious state, however, different religions and faiths are well present here and are all accepted and even practiced. Different religious sects are allowed to freely worship and conduct religious activities in line with their beliefs. Christianity, Islam, Judaism, and Buddhism are all popular in Sweden. The most celebrated holidays in the country are Christmas, Easter, Midsummer and New Years.

One of the biggest and most record selling group, ABBA, originated from Sweden. Music, Art, and Literature are huge exports from the country. Modern music genres like Pop and EDM are very well-loved in the country, with front runners like Avicii taking over the global music scene.

Nordic Noir literature has drawn keen interests to the literary world, with leading heavyweights like Larsson Steig. There are plenty of avenues which people can immerse themselves in the many cultures of Sweden. Concerts, Art displays, and Theatre hold across the country.

Nature and the environment are held in the highest regards, such that everybody is committed to sustainability and a greener planet. 99% of Swedes recycle their waste and one of their biggest energy sources is renewable energy.

Many countries and companies are taking a page from the Swedish template of green and environmental technology.

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