Student Life in Sweden

Student Life in Sweden

Let's play a game of expectation versus reality. Students come into the country with some preconceived expectation and what they experience is totally different from what they thought.

  • Student Expectation: Everyone in Sweden is white, blond, tall and blue-eyed.
  • Student Reality: Swedish people are much more varied than expected, and a lot of people have different backgrounds or ancestry.
  • Student Expectation: Sweden is really cold and dark
  • Student Reality: Yes Sweden is cold but on the other hand it is so much more different, Sweden is very cosmopolitan with so many people from around the world.

Most public universities have really good libraries and students spend much of their time there. Stockholm’s university library is one of Sweden's largest university research library and students have access to a wide range of print and non-print literature.

Swedish people are very welcoming to foreigners and foreign students are treated warmly by their various schools and the locals alike. Sweden is a beautiful place and students who love to explore nature will definitely fall in love with Sweden.

Enjoying the outdoors is a popular past time in Sweden, with nearly 100,000 lakes, you will never be far from water. Students take to hiking as groups in the many national parks and green spaces. They also go on adventure trips to explore the green sights and the many landscapes of the country.

Appearance means a lot to the Swedes and it is very evident in their universities as everybody dresses clean and nice to class. Foreign people have taken to this habit and now have found interesting ways to infuse their cultures into their sense of style and fashion.

The coffee culture is very huge and students quickly fall in love with this beautiful Swedish past time. There is something called Fika which essentially means having coffee, but for Swedes, It has become a social phenomenon where they connect, network and interact with friends, colleagues, course mates, and even lecturers and professors.

Many students use this time to engage with their teachers on subjects where they need further clarity, which is very acceptable as the Swedish educational system permits such kinds of non-formal interactions.

There's also sporting activities and many clubs and societies present in almost all the universities in Sweden. Most universities have a sports and fitness center and may have intermural teams for sports like football, hockey, and many others.

As the country is very non-discriminatory and inclusive, many clubs, societies, and associations exist to foster a healthy safe space for healthy interactions among many minority units in our society today,


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