Accommodation for students In Sweden

Accommodation for students In Sweden

Being a foreign student searching for accommodation, it is necessary to ask your university of the housing options available and how much they cost.

The majority of universities in Sweden have campus housing available for foreign students and in addition, they provide information based on the student’s budget. Interestingly, RocApply is also here to answer all your accommodation questions, so do not hesitate to ask us for information on this as your application proceeds.

Campus housing can be quite competitive and varies here and there, so it is imperative that you start making arrangement as early as possible.

Off-campus housing in smaller cities is very convenient and pocket-friendly compared to the larger uptown cities like Stockholm and Gothenburg, which has schools like Lund and Uppsala. Students can pick from all of the options available to them.

Student Housing On-Campus

Numerous understudies live in student dormitories otherwise called a residence, or a structure of student units. This is generally a fun encounter that allows you to become acquainted with other housemates from around the globe.

Most residences have ten to fifteen single rooms in every passage, most times with a common TV room and kitchen. Some of the rooms have an ensuite bathroom, while others may have shared offices for the hallway. Both male and female students can live in a similar hallway.

A block of flats can house two to four bedrooms in each unit, students share the living area, kitchen, and bathroom. There are also single-room studio flats for students who appreciate their privacy.

Utilities and maintenance costs are usually taken care of by the students themselves, however, laundry rooms are used at no cost to the student.

Campus accommodation in Sweden is handled entirely by external companies or establishments, the Universities do not have any input whatsoever to how they are operated except in some specific cases where they are mandated to source housing for international students.

Student Housing Off-Campus

Some students opt for accommodation outside the campus for personal reasons or due to the unavailability of campus housing. However, this option is quite tedious for new students who find that they have to wait.

In Sweden, house rental is managed by special agents who function with a line system of first come first serve. They act as the bridge between landlord and tenant and they handle all the contracts and legal components.

Students now ‘sub-let’ apartments from contract holders who give out vacant rooms and create a ‘sub-contract’ under an already existing tenancy agreement. This helps to reduce the long wait periods as some of them can last up to months and even years.

Rent usually includes utilities like internet, water, electricity, and heating depending on whatever agreement is provided by the renter.

Rental Price and Utility Costs

Rent for a month is varied across different towns and cities in Sweden. Rent can range from 2,500 to 6,500 SEK for student homes, or for one room in student accommodation.

Small communities have a considerably lower amount but students must be sure to seek out housing that has close proximity to their schools. Winter in Sweden is dark and very cold and can last for months and the commute can be very stressful during that period.

*RocApply Tip: always be vocal and ask questions that concern how much you are paying and what added service(s) come with your payment.


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