Spain Visa Requirements


Spain Visa Requirements

A student visa is an authorization to stay in a country and study or for study reasons. Foreign students from countries outside the EU require a visa to come to Spain for study purposes.

The old fashioned way to apply for a student visa is through an embassy or consular in the student’s home country. However, in recent times prospective students can apply for a student visa from within Spain.

Students that do not need a visa to enter Spain and can enter legally, can apply whilst already in the country. This must be done during the first 60 days of their stay.
Students from countries that need a visa to come to Spain must apply from the embassy or consular in their country of origin or residence.

Candidates who want to apply for a student visa must consider the following;

  • Must not be an EU citizen
  • Must not have been denied entry to Spain in the last year
  • Must have enough financial means or support for their education in Spain
  • Must have medical coverage or insurance
  • Must have been accepted into a recognized higher institution in Spain for a full-time study program.

Some of these requirements may vary depending on the country and the student.

A student visa is not a student residence permit. Students who have been granted a visa must apply for a residence permit within 2 weeks of their entry into the country.

The office of international student services or Registration office in their respective instıtutions can gladly assist with all the necessary information.

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