Jobs for Students in Spain

Student Jobs in Spain

Students enrolled in a full-time program in Spain can also work part-time at different establishments in the country. This is a very good way to rake in more income towards their tuition and living expenses.

Working part-time in Spain is such an attractive option for many, students can work up to 20 hours per week and even more during the summer holidays. In Spain, there are many employee benefits and regulations that make working part-time in the country very organized and streamlined.

Working in another country is always a challenge and working part-time in Spain is a unique opportunity to know a country and its people and develop a strong collection of new experiences.

The first step would be to secure the job, research is very important in this regard, students must seek out information through their university and many other online platforms. Consult the main recruitment organizations on the internet, many of them are pretty straight-forward and direct.

On the other hand, finding unemployment might not be easy for everyone but personal experiences differ and it is definitely worth the shot. Noteworthy also is the fact that in Spain wages are typically below the EU average, but they well up make up for this with employee benefits.

One skill that is important but is gradually phasing out, is the need to be able to speak Spanish, although many locations around the country only employ English speakers, many others require a good level of Spanish proficiency. In the past few years, however, with a growing expat community in larger cities, there are many job openings for only English speakers.

Also in these expat communities, many jobs are not only available, but they also pay very significantly. Students work in tourist locations as waiters, bar staff and cooks. The best way to secure these jobs is to ask locally and look in local dailies. Jobs in the catering trade do not tend to be advertised online.

Some of the more common part-time opportunities to be found in Spain include; Cleaning, Maid services, Bar work, Waiters and Waitresses, Manual labor, Shop work, Front Desk Operations, Leaflet distribution, and Entertainment. Etc.

The average income in Spain is around €12,000 a year. The minimum wage is €506 per month. Business hours vary in Spain also, traditional working hours are 08:00 or 09:00 to 13.00 then lunch break or siesta and then from 14:00 to 16:00 or 17:00.

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