Duplicate of Longson Dormitory Duplicate of Double 1 + 1 Suite Room - Gazimagusa/Famagusta

Duplicate of Longson Dormitory Duplicate of Double 1 + 1 Suite Room

Double Room
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This Double Room is still available for the Spring Semester 2020, reserve it now for free!

About Duplicate of Longson Dormitory

The new Prime Living dormitory has been designed to appeal to any budget. There are comfortable apartments for students who want, single or double rooms for students who want. The complimentary cleaning service saves young people from the trouble of doing extra work. Services such as unlimited internet in all rooms, HD TV with LED TV and security have made educational life much more economical. Instead of a separate price for each service, you only pay homeland rent and get free of any service.

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About the Double Room Option

This accommodation type is conducive for a couple or one person and its situated on the doorstep of Eastern Mediterranean University campus which means students have can easily walk to class without the need to ride a bike or take a bus. The bus rides to the city center are free if you use the Eastern Mediterranean University bus which passes by after every 10 to 15 minutes. For students studying in Cyprus West university, there is an opportunity to take a bus or ride a bike to the Cyrus West university campus however it's also a walking distance away from the university.

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