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Planning to study in Singapore? Worried about finding the right student accommodations? And what are the options available? Here’s a look at the various types of accommodation options available in Singapore, their type, average cost and things to keep in mind as an International student.  As such, the high population density and continuous demands from incoming international students makes finding an accommodation a constant cause of concern. Also, with Singapore as one of the costliest cities of the world, finding a right property that would not eat away your limited student budgets becomes important.

With tens of thousands of international students making Singapore their homes for anywhere between one to 4 years, the options are bound to be plenty. But broadly speaking, they can be classified into two categories. Simply put, these are the options available within the university campus. The available options are student halls, studio apartments as well as family accommodation.

The availability of these is often further divided for undergraduates, graduates and research scholars as well as for single or married students (travelling with spouse). There are many public and private Universities as well as International Universities with campuses in Singapore. While all offer top class education, there is no reason to believe that all would offer you an on-campus accommodation.

These hostels also have student halls, studios and apartment options for students and the costs accordingly vary as per the location, utilities provide and type of accommodation. A student hall costs upwards of SG$1700 (roughly INR 75,000) for a semester as rentals plus utility deposits. A private apartment would cost around SG$1500 (approx. INR 67,000) per month. Hostels also offer meal plans and it would be wise to check all the facilities and accordingly make a selection. Also, the rentals are also dependent on the tenure of the stay. If you are planning to rent the room for a longer time, the rentals would be lower.

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