Jobs for Students in Singapore

Student Jobs in Singapore

If you are planning to study in Singapore, make sure to check with the University if the program comes with an industrial experience or not to determine if you would be able to work in the country. If you are a foreign student or trainee coming to Singapore under a training attachment programme, you should be holding a Training Work Permit, a Training Employment Pass, or be in the Work Holiday Programme.

It is an offence for a foreign student to work in Singapore without a valid work pass. Unlike other countries, Singapore does not allow you to take up any work. The Universities in Singapore have internships which are related to the course you are planning to study. A student can only opt for these related internships. This has students working usually for about two or three months allowing them to apply their skills. A number of students complete the internship with great success and are offered a full-time role by the company, applicable after the students graduate successfully. Also, most of the universities have partnerships with industrial houses which would provide the students to work part-time. Some of the popular part-time jobs that students can find in Singapore follow:

  • Data-entry operators - if you have good typing skills this is the perfect job for you.
  • Waiters in restaurants - basic pay and quite labor-intensive.
  • If you are good at cooking, you can fancy being a chef’s apprentice
  • If you know a foreign language like German, Spanish, French or Russian and are proficient in the language, you can get translation assignments or an opportunity to work as an interpreter. This pays well.

You can also try your luck within your university/college to check if any opportunities are available. It could be as mundane typing the names of all students who have enrolled in that particular year; or be an exciting task of working in the library, auditing all the books and magazines and arranging them properly. If luck is on your side upon receiving a full-time job offer, you should apply for a relevant Employment Pass and then work. The Singapore government works in a truly efficient manner and if all your papers are in place, you can receive your Employment Pass without any hassle.