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Students prospecting to study in San Marino looking for a Ph.D. scholarship, Masters Scholarships, or Undergraduate scholarships to fund their education abroad can now check with the RocApply Scholarship page for updates from the universities and the San Marinan aids.

The list of scholarship range from fully funded to limited support or tuition fee waiver and we are committed to helping students acquire them!!

Students engaged in studies in San Marino may pursue sustainable development, general studies, economic development and tourism, interdisciplinary programs through financial aids.

The country and other emerging Latin American countries are working overtime to synthesize the demands of growing modern social and economic networks into the fabric of their culture. Because San Marino provides a relatively easy travel experience, many schools offer exchange programs and scholarships.

College Scholarships

University students can participate in two San Marino programs:

  • International Education Fee Scholarships are awarded to undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate students based on a complex mix of criteria including course of study, academic record, and financial position
  • The government of San Marino also offers scholarships every academic year to outstanding students from various countries of the world. This comes in line with the growing attention and reinforces given by the nation to the assimilation of knowledge and scientific research, as part of its multiple contributions to the scientific and cultural communication world widely, in foster of the advancement of human development.

How to apply for scholarships?

How to apply for a scholarship? You can apply for the scholarship by applying directly to the university of your choice via its website. Another alternative is to check through RocApply what scholarship may be available at a given time! When you identify what scholarship suit your criterion then hit our inbox anytime anywhere, we are here to serve you!



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