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You may think of this country as a place to enjoy long sunny days on the beach, scuba diving, or trekking the jungle. San Marino is indeed awesome for daytime fun, but the fun doesn't stop when the day vanishes. In many parts of the republic, that's just when the fun is getting ignited.

There is a lot of activities to experience when the sun goes down here. The nightlife is for the books! The country is surrounded by Italy.

Therefore, much of the culture is significantly influenced by San Marino’s neighbors, including the dishes. Foreigners will be able to find plenty of restaurants throughout the country’s main city and the surrounding towns at the bottom of the hill.

There is a great list of local favorites when it comes to dinner specials. Some of these include tortellini, passatelli, veal Bolognese, and smocked rabbit. When dining out at a restaurant, patrons should leave a tip of about 10% after their meal.

Most of the nightlife spots in San Marino are a la carte, although there are some self-service establishments available. Great quality wine is produced in the country, so tourists will be able to find an astounding range of reds and whites while dining and clubbing throughout the country.  

There are certainly more restaurants than bars in San Marino. In Borgo Maggiore, an awesome place to relax with a beer is the Lobby Bar Primavera Hotel.

Although quite exorbitant, the Saint Joseph Hotel is a great option for drinking when in Borgo Maggiore. San Marino City’s American Club is located in the Grand Hotel. Stunning service and a great list of cocktails await tourists at this lobby bar.

Another fantastic spot for a relaxed evening is the Titano Hotel American. These spots will ignite the party-beast in you and take you to the heights of thrill!

If you are a food lover then try the city of San Marino is where many of the best restaurants are found in the republic. Inside the Hotel Titano, Restaurant Pizzeria Nido del Falco is a fantastic pizzeria with a wide range of traditional, Italian pizza.

Restaurant Parco Verde has a wonderful atmosphere and serves quality food. The Restaurant Righi la is another popular restaurant that will lure with its appealing Italian menu.

The country has something for everyone! Don't hesitate to ask any question concerning nightlife in San Marino, RocApply is here to give you all the information you may need before setting your feet in this unique country.

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