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Studying abroad is quite an adventure especially in beauty spots like St Lucia, a hub of beauty and colorful culture. It is rather daunting to transition well into student life in a whole new place but, don't despair because St Lucia is just the right fit for you.

The friendly and welcoming nature of the locals will blow your mind. There are incredible opportunities for you to learn new things and make new friends just like that!

St Lucian Universities offer you a combination of in-class learning and hands-on experience while student clubs provide a perfect fit right into your club of choice.

Let's take a brief look at activities on offer:

  • Sports and leisure activities- Are you a sporting enthusiast as well? then we got you. Get to choose from a pool of sporting and leisure activities every semester. Cricket and soccer are the most popular sports in St Lucia. Remember Darren Sammy? He was the first and only cricketer to be called up into the West Indies Cricket Team. Or if you are into a water sport then you can spend your day sport fishing in the Caribbean. Be a part of your University's sporting teams and enjoy it.

Student clubs and societies- showcase your talent and skills by joining Student clubs, volunteer organizations, do charity work,

  • Drama groups and the dance groups, among others.
  • Night parties. Nigh- life doesn't get any better than island life. Enjoy the fiery parties and dance to some reggae and soca music.
  • English teaching. Utilize the opportunity to become an English Teacher and help St Lucians improve their English language

Note: these are not the only activities that you can do in St Lucia as a student. There is a whole load of fun and activities that you can try out.

RocApply Tips:

  • Colorful cultural festivals on the island provide cultural enthusiasts with a bit of knowledge of the history and culture of the people.
  • Carnival is held in mid-July, instead of before Lent.
  • Get to tickle your taste buds with unique cuisine, with a mix of African, European, and East Indian cuisine available on the island.
  • Saint Lucia's main airports are the Hewanorra International Airport and the George FL Charles Airport, the latter being much closer to the tourist areas.

Studying in Saint Lucia can be a rewarding experience. The friendly people, tropical location, and quality education make it a destination worth considering.



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