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The Culture of Saint Lucia has a unique blend of African, French, and English heritage. The official language spoken on the island is English but Kreole (French Patois) patois is one of the earliest and most preferred languages by locals. The main religion is Christianity,

Catholic to be precise but the people are quite tolerant of each other and accept each other despite their differences. Saint Lucia holds two main traditional festivals, La Woz ("The Rose", on August 30) and La Magwit ("The Marguerite", on October 17)

The Christmas season is celebrated and several small festivals and parades take place throughout the island.

Saint Lucia also holds a cultural festival known as Creole Day (Jounen Kweyol) every year on the last Sunday of October. On this day special local foods are prepared. Most people celebrate this day by wearing Madras, the island's national wear.


Saint Lucians listen to Caribbean music genres such as Calypso, Soca, zouk and reggae. Saint Lucia produces some of the best zouk music. Think of musicians /producers such as Mecca, Mr. Vegas, Sizzla, Anthony B, and Maxi Priest, could you believe they come from St Lucia?Unbelievable right?


St Lucia's national dish is the famous green banana and saltfish. The Island's Cuisine blends West African, European and East Indian cuisine to create unique dishes such as Stew chicken, hearty soups packed full with fresh locally produced vegetables, macaroni pie, and rice and peas. Sounds scrumptious right?


Just like most of the Caribbean nations, St Lucia also holds a carnival which is a colorful event that even tourists from far and wide come to witness. It is a two-day festival where people walk about two miles playing wonderful music and dressed up in eye-catching colorful dressing while even conducting displays and stunts.


The most popular sports in Saint Lucia are Cricket and Football. One of the most famous cricketers is Darren Sammy who was promoted into the West Indies team, a combination of cricket players from the Caribbean. He Excelled till he was chosen to be the captain of the West Indies Cricket team.

The St. Lucia lifestyle is a paradise. With its many sandy beaches, swaying coconut palms, warm waters, and coral reefs. Saint Lucia as an island has an idyllic lifestyle and is home to many expatriates from around the world.

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" Its a place to be" - Martin from Canada

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