Student Life in Russia


Student Life in Russia

Deciding on your study abroad destination is a quite serious step. You have to connect with another culture, adapt to new conditions and climate, start learning Russian and get to know local residents’ character traits. Though Russians sometimes might seem gloomy and chilly, a majority are quite responsive and affable, they like to socialise and have visitors and are ready to give a helping hand. International student life, that’s the living and learning that takes place outside of the classroom and it’s a big part of your college experience.


Russia has its own ambiance. The friendly attitude of your professors and peers, and the companionship you feel when people call you by name. It takes a whole community to graduate a student. Student life, that is the living and learning that takes outside of the classroom and is a big part of your college experience. It includes where you live, how you live.

Classroom culture of Russian universities is unique. Every professor, department and university is different - but Russia has some deep-rooted traditions that differ greatly from those in the States. More so than not, students’ grades are based almost exclusively on the ‘final exam,’ with less attention attached to perceived effort, attendance and homework. The exams require you to have knowledge of the entire curriculum and are quite demanding.

Life for young people is very attractive, especially in the Russian capital. Moscow can provide students with something to do at any cost and time, and transportation in the city, though congested, is very efficient. You can be downtown Moscow in 30 minutes by metro! In terms of activities, the options are endless. From a walk through the park or riding downtown on rollerblades, to visiting a local exhibition or going out with your friends, fun is to be had!

With all of this work and fun strong bonds among students are bound to develop. You met so many great people while studying in Russia, and they have played a critical role in making this experience great. International students take an active part in the life of the University, together with Russian students they perform in concerts, organize students’ parties, participate in contests, festivals and sport events, they are represented in the Student Council of the University. All this gives international students a great opportunity to make friends all around the world, to learn the cultural peculiarities of a new country, provides them with the skills necessary for their future professional career in the globalizing world.

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