Student Accommodation in Romania


Student Accommodation in Romania


Students in Romania can stay in student accommodation, hostel, private flat or room. Even if student housing in Romania is cheap, the cheapest is to stay in student hostel or chaired flat (apartment).  Private accommodation is affordable for most of international students. Student hostel is the cheapest and is around 50 euro/month for rent all bills inclusively. We strongly advice this option to   international students who want to live on a very low budget.

In general, apartments in Romania come fully furnished, with TV, gas stove, fridge, beds and couches. Some more up scale ones come with washing machine and microwaves etc. Cable TV with 24/7 Internet access is available for $20 a month or even less. Apartments cost between €100EUR - 300EUR/month. Apartments have central heating with central hot water. Lights and water average between €30EUR-50EUR a month. We advise international students to rent one apartment by two at beginning. So it becomes more cheaper for them and they help each other till the get used to the new environment. For students opting for private apartment, we suggest them to contact us so we can reserve apartments for them.

Note that most international students prefer private student apartments (accommodation) to student housing in student campus. This is because in general, in many cases it is not possible to get an own room in student residence halls and most of that, the private accommodation in Romanian remain very accessible and affordable for more of them. The monthly rent for student room, studio or apartment in private student residences vary from 100 Euros (2 bed room) to 350 Euros/month for two room apartment. 

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