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Student Life in Portugal

Being in this sunny country with beautiful landscapes and magnificent culture is some of the many reasons foreign students find Portugal fascinating. Additionally, Portugal is one of the least expensive countries to live in Europe. Students easily experience the best of Portuguese food and drinks and the many other wonderful possibilities.

Large cities like Lisbon and Porto have a vibrant student community and metropolitan feel that is more informative as it is intriguing. University education in Portugal opens the students to knowledge from all spheres be it in cultural, academic, social and language areas, an all-round immersive experience.

Knowledge is for all and students excel in an environment that is is not only productive but very generous. In the last few years, Portuguese research scientific production has increased by 35% and the number of patents on scientific inventions on continent Europe has increased by 45% thanks to the good work of Portuguese scientists.

One great positive that many foreign students in Portugal all agree on is the practice-based learning approach that encourages resourcefulness and pushes students towards individual development. There is also a very broad scope of research opportunities readily provided.

Also great is the brilliant relationship many universities have with national and international companies and industries in several fields; students find this very relevant and helpful after their studies in Portugal

Students benefit from an authentic yet genuine rapport with not only their teachers but also with their fellow students. Going to school in Portugal is also not that much of a drag as there are over 3,000 hours of sun every year.

Outside school activities are very active amongst student communities around the nation. Thanks to the mild climate and about 850 km of sandy beaches, coupled with the fantastic array of natural resources and extensive landscapes. 

Portugal has a very inclusive society, and many universities promote student associations and events that better foster individual development outside the classroom walls.

Many campuses are very multicultural and multi-faceted, students definitely find the right fit for them. Volunteering is another brilliant way to engage with other students and share knowledge and life experiences.

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