Jobs for Students in Norway

Jobs for Students in Norway

Most Norwegians earn high salaries and their tax bracket pays for their high functioning system, it cannot be denied that Norway is an expensive place to live or visit.

To better save and fund some of their costs while studying in Norway, so many foreign students have taken upside jobs alongside their education.

As a student in the country, you're allowed to work and study but be sure to take note that there may be some form of limitation the kind of work and how long the student can work for.

Any student who has been issued a student residence permit can fundamentally take up part-time jobs. But generally, a student’s permit to study doesn't always translate to a work permit in Norway.

In Norway, students can only work for 20 hours per week, but up to 40 hours per week in the summer holiday.

People from the European Union and the EEA can work and reside in Norway without necessarily needing a work permit but would need to formally register their status with the authorities.

Students from other nationalities outside the aforementioned region, do not need a work permit in their freshman year of studies and would need to fulfill some criterion before their part-time status is reinstated with their student residence permit.

Having good knowledge of the Norwegian language has proven to be an added bonus for those seeking part-time employment or even long term employment after they graduate in Norway.

Though many citizens speak English at the above intermediary level, many employers require at least beginner level knowledge from interested students.

Jobs students can take up during their studies in Norway that do not necessarily need skills in speaking Norwegian, include jobs in hotels and restaurants as many tourists visit the country all year round.

There are also jobs in supermarkets, stores and many malls across the country. Graduate students with good credentials can have employment at white-collar establishment depending on their field of study.

Students coming to Norway must have realistic expectations and understanding the importance of preparation to increase their chances of getting a job in the country, as it can be heavily competitive. Students can find employment these days online and mostly through social media.

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