Universities in North Korea for international students

List of North Korea Universities

1. Kim Il-sung University

Number of Students: 40000
City: Pyongyang
Foundation Year: 1946
About University:


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3. Pyongyang University of Foreign Studies

Number of Students: 40000
City: Pyongyang
Foundation Year: 1949
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North Korea has a number of state of the art universities where international students can apply. These offer world class facilities and renowned and internationally recognised degrees. The following is a list of universities found in North Korea

Kim Il-sung University

The university was founded on 1 October 1946 and is the first university built in North Korea. It is located in Pyongyang, the nation's capital and is named in honour of Kim Il-sung who is the founder and first supreme leader of North Korea.

The campus has 10 separate offices, 50 laboratories, libraries, museums, a printing press, an Research and Development centre, dormitories, academic buildings, a hospital., and a computer lab, but with limited internet access.

There are approximately 16 000 students enrolled at the university. The university offers courses in fields including social sciences, law, arts and sciences. There are two main departments at the university and there are:

Pyongyang University of Science and Technology (PUST) 

It is North Korea's first privately funded university. It is founded, operated, and partly funded by associations and people outside the country. The university is largely funded by Evangelical Christian movements.

The university began operations in October 2010. The university has about 638 Students enrolled of which 543 are Undergraduates and 95 are Postgraduates.

The main goal of the University is to contribute immensely to North Korean economic development by producing professionals and leaders in technical disciplines, who are fluent in English and another foreign language, and who are accustomed to working in an international environment.

Pyongyang University of Science and Technologyoffers Bachelor of Science and doctorate degrees in Electrical and Computer Engineering, Agriculture and Life Sciences, International Finance and Management, and Medical Sciences.

Graduate students and professors have access to the internet, but it is filtered and monitored.

The Pyongyang University of Foreign Studies

It  is a five-year university in Pyongyang, North Korea, specializing in language education. Pyongyang University of Foreign Studies is a coeducational North Korean higher education institution officially recognized by the Ministry of Education of North Korea.

It was established in 1961. It has separate colleges for students of English, Russian, Chinese, and Japanese. The Ethnic Languages College offers instruction in 18 more languages including French, Spanish, Arabic, Thai, Urdu, Khmer, Polish and Italian.

In total, 22 languages are taught here and these are Chinese, Russian, Japanese, Hungarian, Arabic, Malay, Khmer, Thai, Lao, Persian, Hindi, Urdu, English, German, Bulgarian, Czech, Polish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, and Spanish.

Koryo Songgyungwan University 

Its also known as the University of Light Industry is a coeducational higher education institution in the city of Kaesong, North Korean. It was founded in 1992 and is a non-profit public higher-education institution. It is officially recognized by the Ministry of Education of North Korea.


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