Flights to North Korea

There are only two flight options available for those traveling to North Korea and these include Air China and Air Koryo

Airports in NORTH KOREA  

Below are, some of the airports used dually, as public airports and also used by the military. Details are as follows:

Pyongyang International Airport

This airport is also known as the Pyongyang Sunan International Airport and is the main airport serving Pyongyang and the country. It is located in the  Sunan District.

Two main airlines are serving the Airport and the country which are Air China and Air Koryo. the only two foreign countries served by Pyongyang International Airport are China and Russia.

Pyongyang International Airport has two passenger terminals, Terminal 1 and 2. The former was opened in January 2016 and handles domestic flights only. The latter was officially opened in 2015 and has jet bridges and at least 12 check-in counters.

Amenities at the airport include a duty-free store, coffee bar, newsstand and Internet room, a snack bar, pharmacy, CD shop, and an electronics shop. The airport has a Business class lounge which is on the upper level. It offers a buffet and has an outdoor viewing area.

The airport has one functioning runway. a maintenance facility was constructed in 2016, about 1 kilometer away from the runway which includes aircraft hangars and apartment buildings for high-ranking officials and Air Koryo employees.

Haeju Airport

Haeju Airport is an airport located in Haeju and is controlled by the Korean People's Army. The airport has a single runwayandmainly operates military flights but has a limited number of civilian flights. This airport is frequently used by former North Korean Intelligence agents as a transfer point. It is served by Air Koryo.

Kalma Airport

This is a dual-use civil and military airport in Wonsan. A new international terminal and passenger ramp opened in September 2015. The Airport has two runways. the main runway is 375 meters long. The existing runway was converted into a taxiway. A new terminal was opened in 2015 to allow the airport to serve commercial passenger flights. 2 jetbridges and a newly designed apron were also constructed and can accommodate 12 commercial aircraft at any one time. It is served by Air Koryo.

Orang Airport

It is a small airport serving Chongjin, and also serves Rason. The airport is located about 40 kilometers from Chongjin and is controlled by the Korean People's Army. The airport is mainly used by the military but a small number of commercial passenger flights also operate there. The airport has one runway measuring about 2500m. There is no arrival terminal and baggage is collected and given directly from the trolley. The Departure terminal has a waiting lounge for about 20 people, a check-in desk, a security scanner, and an old Czechoslovak scale. The airport is served by Air Koryo.

Samjiyon Airport

It is an airport located in Samjiyon City. Tour groups fly to the airport for scheduled journeys to see Baekdu Mountain, located close to the airport, and to see the birthplace of Kim Jong-il.

There is a high presence of military equipment at this airport. The only flights to this airport are from Pyongyang Sunan International Airport. The airport is served by Air Koryo, the country's only airline

Sondok Airport

This is an airport located in and serving Sondong-ni, Chongp'yong-gun, Hamgyong-namdo. The airfield has a single concrete runway and is served by Air Koryo


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