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Universities in north Korea have a department that specifically looks after all student affairs and student life and their transition in life at university.

There are various departments that focus on student life including Counselling, sports, Support Services, Student Services, and Student Housing. Let’s look briefly at some areas that affect student’s life and also enhance student life in north korea.

Sport- sport is a major uniting factor when it come to university life. there are various sporting activities that are undertaken at universities in north korea. These include basketball, football, tennis, taekwondo, swimming, karate, and handball, to mention but a few.

Sporting activities keep students fit and at the same time encourages them to do what they love and gives them a chance to represent their respective institutions. It is also a great way to meet new people and travel places.

Site seeing- there is plenty to see in North Korea, from anciemt temples, to museums and majestic forests and mountains. international students can get the chance to see the various places in north Korea. This gives international students a chance to get to know places in North Korea.

Social Clubs/ fraternities- there are fraternities at universities and other social clubs that promote engagement, cohesion, and unity among students. These bring students close together and gives them a unity of purpose.

Students' Union- there are student union bodies in North Korean universities that oversee all student affairs and represent students. It can be in terms of grievances, housing, academics and other areas. Students can relay various issues that affect their university life. Students’ unions in north korea give students a voice to air out their contribution or grievances. This will help improve their university life as their issues can get addressed.



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