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There are a few known and recorded health installations and clinics around North Korea. Below we look at some of the hospitals in Korea.

Medical evacuation- There are a number of insurance companies which cover medical evacuation in case of an emergency in North Korea. Travellers must ensure that they have this option in their travel insurance package.

Health Insurance- Travellers to North Korea are advised to have health insurance that will cover any medical expenses and eventualities that may occur during their stay.

It is advisable that travellers to North Korea insure themselves against any possible risk that may occur. It is the traveller’s responsibility to ensure that the insurance policy:

  • Covers medical expenses and the cost of repatriation should the traveller be physically unable to continue
  • Covers the traveller for the full duration of the stay in Korea

Below are some of the hospitals in North Korea that provide basic and primary health care services to the people of North Korea and beyond:

Pyongyang Maternity Hospital

This is a maternity and teaching hospital in Pyongyang. Nurses and midwives are trained and educated in the hospital for work outside the North Korean capital. The hospital employs a system of video call booths for families to communicate with women who have given birth, due to restrictions discouraging personal contact with the new-born baby and the mother for five days to prevent infections.

Facilities/ departments- There are multiple different wards, such as dental and breast cancer wards, cardiology, neurology, ophthalmology, dentistry, ear, nose and throat, physiotherapy, and a neonatal intensive care unit

The Ponghwa Clinic and Hospital

This is a hospital located in Sinwŏn-dong in Pyongyang, and is said to be one of the top hospitals in North Korea. The hospital also treats members of the political elite and is administered by the Ministry of Public Health. The Clinic has a helipad and is said to be one of the few hospitals in North Korea capable of performing complex surgeries. The ruling Kim family are also reported to have a private wing for their healthcare requirements.

The Pyongyang General Hospital

It is a new hospital under-construction hospital in Pyongyang. The hospital is located in front of Monument to Party Founding. Its groundbreaking was in march 2020 and is expeted to be completed byy end of the year.


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