Car Rental in North Korea

There are several first-class car hire options available in North Korea to make your travelling as seamless and convenient as possible.

NORTH KOREA driving tips:

  • Always have your seatbelt on.
  • Always have your driver’s licence. If you want to drive in North Korea you need to convert your license into a local one, or get a local one by taking both a written and physical test.
  • Exercise extra caution
  • All drivers entering Pyongyang are required to wash their cars. Drivers of dirty vehicles are subject to a fine.
  • Drivers should not drink and drive.
  • Drivers should not smoke behind the wheel.
  • Always carry your passport, visa, and identification documents.
  • Be careful when driving at night and during the rainy seasons.
  • Avoid using your cellphone while driving, use hands free devices whenever necessary.

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Enjoy the luxury of a sedan, the convenience of a compact car, the capacity of a station wagon or mini-bus or the rugged durability of a four wheel drive or pick-up, RocApply will guide you to get them in North Korea.

However North Korea is a very secretive and strict country and there is little or no information about any car rentals.


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