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Several accommodation options are available for in North Korea. Lets look at some of the options you can choose from.

Apartments –expatriates and students in North Korea can find apartments at Ryomyong Condominiums.  This is the tallest officially inhabited apartment building in North Korea, with 6 towers and the tallest one of 6 towers being 82 floors.

Student Residence/ dormitories

Universities in North Korea offer student dormitory accomoodation. Lets look at Kim Il Sung University Foreign Student Dormitory. This is one state of the art facility in North Korea.

The dormitory is a 12 storey building that was opened in early 2017. It is located on Ryomyong Street. There are service facilities located on the 1st , 2nd, and 3rd floors. Foreign students’ rooms are on the 4th to the 8th floors.

Just around the corner on the left is a shop where one can buy a range of local and imported products including snacks and everyday items, charge up one’s phone credit, and exchange foreign currency.

To the right of the display in the foyer is a small room with two small, round tables and chairs separated by a divider, and a counter with three or so seats. This is a coffee shop which is also used as a bar, selling coffee and some alcohol. The dormitory also has a restaurant which serves a mix of Korean, Western, Japanese, and Chinese food. On the other end of the second floor is the exercise room or gym. There’s also a table tennis room on the 3rd floor and each floor has a room on the end for drying laundry. On the 4th floor there’s a TV room that has some foreign channels. On the 5th floor there’s a shared kitchen is also where the internet room is located.


North Korea has only one homestay village located just outside Mount. Chilbo Mountain range and situated on some of the most beautiful beach estates in the region.

It is composed of 20 or so houses some with western style accommodation and others with the famous mattress on a heated floor Korean style and complete with a general store and restaurant.

The homestay gives guests an excellent opportunity to relax, enjoy various sports and interact with the wonderful Korean host families. Guests will be met by friendly, welcoming and very curious host families and will get to know them.

Freshly cooked local dishes are served at the local dining hall by the host families. Guests will enjoy a host of activities namely: sun tanning, a volleyball match against the locals, Korean wrestling, and mingling and socialising with your host families.

In the evening, guests are invited down to the beach for a bonfire where  Taedonggang beer and soju are served. The morning also provide a great hiking experience up the stunning mountain ranges of Mt. Chilbo.


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