Middle East Technical University (North Cyprus)

Orta Doğu Teknik Üniversitesi

Middle East Technical University (North Cyprus)

Number of students
1700€ - 3478€
Semester Tuition Fees
Ø monthly cost of living
Scholarships available
January 18, September 14
Application Deadline
12 to 1
Student - staff ratio
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Middle East Technical University (North Cyprus) in Rankings

Ranked 3rd in the whole of North Cyprus Ranked 640th in the whole World Highly recognised worldwide

Tuition and Scholarships at Middle East Technical University (North Cyprus)

METU-NCC is a highly competitive institution with modern facilities. Both local and foreign students pay significantly for tuition and student accommodation, which presently ranks them the highest in North Cyprus.

Their tuition system at METU is on a yearly basis with new undergraduate students from other countries asides Turkey or North Cyprus, pay $9000 and graduate students pay $4000.

METU-NCC now provides discounted tuition to international students with exceptional entry results as such they pay $6000 when they register a new academic year, tuition in METU-NCC is a stand-alone package, which primarily only covers the study fee.

Furthermore, students are also mandated to pay $100 as the enrolment cost for each semester with medical insurance for a year which is taken seriously on the island as it is a law.

Personal expenses that can be additionally incurred range from $300 - $350 in food, transportation, books, and stationery cost. In light of being a top-notch university, METU-NCC provides the assurance that students who enroll in the institution have a seamless learning experience without the added pressure of weighty tuition costs.

As such, foreign students benefit from a wide range of financial aid or support from the school. There are 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%  waiver scholarships for any student who shows exceptional ability at the time of admission.

A student who scores above the minimum requirements for the application is evaluated and presented this waiver with their offer of admission.

These scholarship waivers are available throughout the duration of their program, on the condition that they maintain good academic standing with the institution.

There are other available financial support options available for already enrolled tutees, like the Merit scholarships given to those who have successfully finished their first two semesters in an undergraduate course, with very high grades. 

Graduate students also have research and lecturing assistantships that come with some form of financial stipends and/or scholarships. These individuals are selected either in correspondence with the departments' needs or as a reward for favorable academic and institutional standing.

Cost of living at Middle East Technical University (North Cyprus)

200 - 280 Euro / month
200 Euro / month
Cost of living
70 Euro / month
Free, the University offers shuttles

About Middle East Technical University (North Cyprus)

Middle East Technical University Northern Cyprus Campus, is an extension of their brother university, Middle East Technical University in Ankara, Turkey.

Created after an agreement between the Republic of Turkey and the TRNC initially in 2000 and finalized in 2003, modeling the same standard of tertiary education as their home campus.

This university is located in the Guzelyurt (Morphou) area of North Cyprus, serving citizens of both Turkey, the TRNC, likewise the general international demographic.

METU-NCC is tethered to Middle East Technical University Ankara, in all academic and management capacities, as both staff and students are integrated into the already functional system of operation from METU and largely benefit from this cross country exchange.

The idea behind creating this alternative campus was to reflect an all-encompassing educational experience of studying in a high ranking institution that has the secluded but serene environment that METU-NCC provides.

This campus presently has 15 graduate and 3 graduate programs, maintaining the corresponding educational and organizational quality as their home establishment in Ankara.

Why Study at Middle East Technical University (North Cyprus)

World Class Study Environment

World-class study environment with distinct career advancement opportunities. METU-NCC just like her brother institution, METU has progressively gained recognition and prominence owing to METU’s strict long-standing academic standards in Turkey and taken abroad. Students forge on with some of the best career and professional knowledge, that the school environment provides. With world-class facilities that can rival many other top-ranking institutions across the globe, METU-NCC lives up to its name.

Productive Environment

At METU-NCC, they learn and co-exist in a close community of students, lecturers, and even non-academic staff who are readily available on campus. With the added advantage of a 12 to 1 student-advisor ratio that fosters a productive environment that is effective within the classroom walls and outside of it. This setting promotes a favorable student-teacher relationship. This prototype has proven effective in bolstering a sense of family and inclusion.

Top-Notch Education

The school boasts a faculty of staff that has received education from some of the top universities around the world. A good number of whom have also achieved recognizable status in their respective fields. The institution is committed to dotting out bright minds that can compete and excel in the mainstream world. With well accredited and accepted courses, students with a METU degree who pursue career advancements are moving forward, and transitioning quite smoothly.

High Technology Facility Campus

Students benefit from the ultra-modern amenities and infrastructures available on campus, with a community of individuals who are upwardly mobile and committed to excellence. This tech-savvy establishment continues to advance and roll with the times. METU-NCC also boasts of modern architecture with a good landscape one of the best on the island of North Cyprus.


On Campus Accomodation at Middle East Technical University (North Cyprus)

One unique thing about METU-NCC is that 99% of students and faculty reside within the campus. New students are generally advised to take up housing on campus for better school experience, as the school’s location in the mountain area of Guzelyurt makes it a bit secluded.

Positively, integration into an environment like this is usually easier when the student is on campus.

The school has 18 contemporary dormitories, that serves both male and female students, with room plan ranging in singles, doubles and more depending on a personal budget, rooms in dormitory 1 for two persons go for $3,150 and rooms for 4 persons go for $1,800 per year, rooms in dormitory 2 are usually single en suite and go for $3,450 per year, rooms in dormitory 3 go for $2,700 and $1,700 for 2 per room and 4 per room plans respectively.

Dorm fees do not cover food and students can split payments, 50%-50% into two semesters. Graduate students have separate dorms and pay $2000 for single en suite housing for a year. Computer rooms are provided for students in the dormitories which operate functionally for 24 hours.

Internet, Wifi and telephone communications are also afforded to the students, the modern rooms have a TV installed, convenience rooms, food stalls and kitchen facilities for students who would love to prepare their meals.

A substantial number of washing machines, iron, ironing stalls, driers are available for each student in each dorm. Dry cleaning services are available and running hot water for 24 hours.

Just 5 minutes from the dorms is a well-stocked supermarket that carries every product or service that a student might need.

Off Campus Accomodation at Middle East Technical University (North Cyprus)

METU ICO does not take any responsibility to arrange accommodation for students who wish to reside outside of the campus. Students who are interested in private accommodation should make their own arrangements.

Off-Campus accommodation prices and conditions vary depending on what the student is specifically looking for. It is important to consult before paying for off-campus accommodation.

The university in partnership with Roc Apply has access to agents who can help students secure off-campus accommodation. New students are advised to stay on campus for the first year.


Sports at Middle East Technical University (North Cyprus)

Sports and recreation are all important factors in providing students with a holistic learning experience. Students and faculty alike with various sporting interests all blend in this well-crafted assembly that promotes a healthy sport and recreational lifestyle.

METU-NCC students have access to world standard sporting facilities such as indoor and outdoor Olympic standard pools, 3 Gymnasia, a multi-seater football stadium , different sized football fields, basketball and volleyball grounds, American football field, grass pitch for cricket, a gymnastic hall and fitness center, with many other sports facilities alike.

Food at Middle East Technical University (North Cyprus)

Students enjoy the availability of restaurants and canteens present on the campus and within each faculty building, with a shopping center where food items can be also be bought.

A popular meal choice amongst students is Table d'hôte menu which has fast become a go-to for students on campus. Students, both local and international enjoy an array of delicious Turkish and Northern Cyprus meals

Transportation at Middle East Technical University (North Cyprus)

METU-NCC is approximately 7km from the city and right off the major highway. Transportation to and from the campus is usually by the METU district buses which are free, EGO buses, and taxi.

The most functional transport system in Guzelyurt is usually the EGO buses as they are accessible and timely scheduled.

However since a sizable majority of students live on the campus, paid transportation is only sought out for when the students move within the city or travel to other cities within the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC).

about Guzelyurt/Morphou

Guzelyurt is located in the west area of Northern Cyprus, it is covered in a beautiful sea of mountains on a coastal route through the countryside. Guzelyurt which is the major hub of business in the Guzelyurt district is quite popular for its citrus farming activities.

Situated by the footsteps of the Troodos Mountains, the city is the most fruitful agricultural landmass on the northern island.

Not the most charming city at a first glance, but the further time spent exploring the city, reveals all the hidden gems and beauties that this calm city provides.

With a large portion of citrus production and exportation coming from this city, a large number of the locals are majorly small and large scale farmers.

Guzelyurt has always been a peaceful clime for tourists looking to get away from the busy cities in TRNC.

The presence of the university has brought in major economic revenue for this district as more businesses are opening up to serve the many needs of this vibrant student community.

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