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Arkın University of Creative Arts and Design

Number of students
3250€ - 3250€
Semester Tuition Fees
Ø monthly cost of living
Scholarships available
September 13, September 27
Application Deadline
Student - staff ratio
Nations represented

Offered Programs

RocApply invites you to apply for any outstanding ARUCAD program, we are a one-stop platform for all overseas higher education-related content.

We have partnered with Arkin University for Creative Arts and Design to simplify the application and admission process to this prestigious institution, as well as arrange visas and residency in North Cyprus, a beautiful Mediterranean country.

Do you want to study at ARUCAD?

We provide short and clear admission steps. Our main requirement for every student is high motivation, a good high school diploma, and a good level of English.

At RocApply, we do our best to provide you with the best choice for studying abroad and we have established partnerships with many leading universities around the world (including Arkin University in North Cyprus).

All university applications are completed online through our direct online service. Applicants can fill out an application form and upload the required documents to our platform with easy access.

Undergraduate Application Requirements

1. High school diploma

2. Portfolio (scanned copies of your work relating to your area of interest)

3. Skype interview (if required by the admissions committee)

4. A copy of the data page of the international passport

5.   Minimum IELTS 5.5 or TOEFL IBT 60. (If there are none, students take a language proficiency test upon arrival?) Please note that all of ARUCAD’s programs are taught in English.

Postgraduate Application Requirements

Required Documents for Application:

  1. Completed application form (this document), signed and dated
  2. An official transcript of all university-level courses you have taken
  3. A comparative mark/grade table if CGPA on the transcript is not out of 4.00
  4. Attested scanned copies of diplomas received from a university or equivalent institutions
  5. Curriculum Vitae(CV)
  6. Documentation of scores received for English and academic proficiency exams/tests (see questions 14 and 15)
  7. A scanned copy of your passport or ID card
  8. Portfolio
  9. Two passport-sized (approx. 6 cm x 5 cm) photographs (required for registration only)

Language Requirements

The language of instruction in ARUCAD is English. Before starting their academic program, students must prove their English proficiency by taking the English Proficiency Exam prepared by the School of Foreign Languages. Students with recognized international test scores such as IELTS or TOEFL do not need to take the English Proficiency Test and can start directly from the first year.

TOEFL                        -                       60 (iBT maximum score)

IELTS                                     -                       5.5 (Total band score, with a minimum of 5.0 in each band)

ARUCAD EPE*         -                       60 out of 100 (minimum score)

*ARUCAD’s test for English language proficiency




ARUCAD teaches both basic and advanced techniques to its students with Printing, Glass, and Ceramic workshops at the university


ARUCAD enables and provides an innovative atmosphere for its students to improve themselves with our Animation, Digital Production, Photography and Video, Painting, and Design studios.


In continuing to ensure that our students can both do their homework and improve themselves, ARUCAD has Mac, Pc, and Fun labs where creativity and technology meet at a crossroads.

Art Space

The art space is the activity area of the university. It started operations in August 2018 and carried out contemporary activities in the unique historical structure of the Nicosia city wall.

The Innovation Center

This is the creative hub of the Arkin University of Creativity and Design (ARUCAD), which provides consulting services in the fields of communication, art, and design to companies and universities in the international field.

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Tuition and Scholarships at Arkın University of Creative Arts and Design

The tuition and scholarship breakdown for undergraduate programs at the Arkin University of Creative Arts and Design are as follows;

Faculty                                                                       Tuition in EUR (% with scholarships)

                                                  0%                  50%                75%                90%                100%

Faculty of Arts                        €6,500             €3,350             €1,625             €650                    -

Faculty of Design                   €6,500             €3,350             €1,625             €650                    -

Faculty of Communication     €6,500             €3,350             €1,625             €650                    -

English Prep School                €6,500             €3,350             €1,625             €650                    -

Registration Fee: €1,000 for each new academic year.

The tuition fee breakdown for postgraduate programs at Arkin University of Creative Arts and Design are as follows;

Graduate Courses presently offered by the university include;

-          Arts

-          Architectural Design

Duration                                                         Tuition fees in EUR (% with scholarships)

                                                0%                  25%                50%                75%                100%

Full Tuition                            €3,850             €2,888             €1,925             €963                   -

Tuition/ year                          €1,925             €1,444             €963                €482                   -

Tuition/semester                    €962                €722                €481                €240                   -

Registration Fee: €50 (TRNC and Turkish Students)

                             €250 (International Students)



YKS Scholarships

As a result of the student selection and placement exam organized by YKS, students who choose a program with 100% and 50% scholarships given by Arkin University of Creative Arts and Design in the guide can benefit from it.

Scholarships of students placed in ARUCAD programs are covered by the Preparatory School. Scholarships continue throughout the normal education period even if there is an academic failure.

Preference Scholarships

Top 5 Preferences + 40% Preference Scholarship is waiting for you.

Students who choose one of the Arkın Creative Arts and Design University programs among the top 5 preferences are given a 40% preference scholarship discount in addition to the scholarships given by OSYM.

Credit and Hostels Institution (KYK) Scholarship

All Turkish citizens studying at Arkin Creative Arts and Design University have the right to apply for a KYK scholarship. Students who want to benefit from this scholarship must apply to KYK.

International Students Scholarship

All international students receive a 50% scholarship. Also, based on the assessment of your interview and portfolio, you have the opportunity to receive additional discounts on training (75% and 100%). ARUCAD accepts students twice a year, for the Fall and Spring semesters.

Cost of living at Arkın University of Creative Arts and Design

150 - 300 Euro / month
200 Euro / month
Cost of living
85 Euro / month
Free, the University offers shuttles

About Arkın University of Creative Arts and Design

Founded in 2017 Research Center: 2 Student population: 500+
Type: Private Undergraduate programs: 10
International Representation: Students from over 20+ countries
Campus: Ultra-modern  Master programs: 2+ Language(s) of Instruction: Turkish, English.
Location: Kyernia, North Cyprus School: 1 English Preparatory School Acronym: ARUCAD
Faculties: 4 Teaching staff: 100+ Scholarship: Available

Arkin University of Creative Arts and Design (ARUCAD) is an art-oriented thematic university, which was established in Northern Cyprus in 2017, combining art, design, and communication. ARUCAD aims to be a leading educational institution in the region in the field of art and design.

Throughout their education life, our students will develop their creativity with programs that carry the interdisciplinary approach of both traditional art and today's modern art.

The theoretical knowledge conveyed to our students will be transformed into practice with a wide variety of workshops and will lead them to gain experience in different fields.

Ecological values that consider environmental health will be observed in the production processes and material use. The necessity of the entire physical infrastructure has been considered in order to enable the use of recycled materials.

The workshops were established to produce art and design products by recycling metal, glass, plastic, and paper. Producing while learning and learning while producing is an educational model that aims to reinforce the link between intellectual accumulation and practical experience.

Beyond being the only art-oriented thematic university on the island of Cyprus, ARUCAD is a university that attaches importance to production as well as education and must complete its infrastructure in this regard.

Aiming to bring society and academia together with art centers, production workshops, the university continues to give importance to production as well as activities, and at the same time, it will provide the society with the opportunity to gain knowledge and experience in the fields of art, design, and communication with the continuous education center it will establish within its structure.

The university administration describes ARUCAD as;

“Preparing the infrastructure of an art university and building education and production conditions on ideal values requires a completely different reasoning procedure.

What is best suited to an art-oriented university environment is that students are equipped with theoretical knowledge on the one hand, and on the other hand, being able to use the practical possibilities as required.

Maintaining such a balance, of course, requires both selfless effort and a certain economic burden. ARUCAD is not just a university, but an ideal”


Atelier Arkin is a lifelong learning center that started with the philosophy of a human-centered approach based on art and design. We believe that creativity, critical thinking, and empathy are among the most important skills of today's world.

Using innovative approaches based on art and design, our training and development programs are designed by focusing on skills and strategies required for life. Atelier Arkın also helps business professionals develop their creative leadership and innovative approaches.

Atelier Arkın offers personal, career, and professional development programs. We also organize free educational programs for young people so that they can experience more art and design.

These programs offer an unusual learning experience. ARUCAD Atelier has since been meeting the needs of its participants every year, with a key focus on their goals and unique experiences.

We believe that tradition meets innovation and creativity meets originality. In addition to our existing programs, we can develop customized programs for your specific needs and goals when requested.

Why Study at Arkın University of Creative Arts and Design

Global University

ARUCAD is expanding rapidly and garnering favorable repute on the international scene with more foreign students accepted every year. Students come from more than 30 countries globally across Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. The campus environment is multicultural and provides an international experience that is second to none.

Hands-on training

Students at ARUCAD can testify to the attention to detail and the close system of education adopted by the university and its academic members. The university student to teacher ratio is very commendable as advisors and lecturers treat students on an individual basis, and classroom settings are very close-knitted for better knowledge assimilation.


Integrating many digital routes towards many facets of student life, like learning, development and, training.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The university has a keen focus on innovation, creativity and out-of-the-box thinking, presently taking on practice-based teaching methods that promote independent thinking and entrepreneurship. Students learn how to survive in competitive spaces and gain real-time knowledge and experience that can be translated into the real world.

Accommodation Arkın University of Creative Arts and Design

On Campus Accomodation at Arkın University of Creative Arts and Design

Arkin University of Creative Arts and Design (ARUCAD) provides our students with a variety of accommodation options. The university hostel, located 10 minutes’ walk from the university campus, offers standard and luxury apartments with a safe and comfortable living environment.

The apartments are designed for one, two, or four students (2 double bedrooms). The living room, kitchen, and bathroom are also available for general use.

All apartments are equipped with air conditioning, a high-speed internet connection, and a TV in the living room. There is also a cozy lobby next to the reception with a comfortable sofa and TV.

We believe that staying in a university hostel shortens the adaptation period in a new place. As your personal needs are met, you can focus on your studies.

Dormitory Services include; Spring-cleaning, Room cleaning, Reception / Concierge, Generator, Lobby, Wireless internet in common areas, Electricity (charged based on usage), Water (paid based on use).

Off Campus Accomodation at Arkın University of Creative Arts and Design

Many students in Northern Cyprus choose to find individual accommodation near Kyrenia and Lefkosa. Many houses rent out student housing at different qualities and prices to students.

It is possible to rent one-room, three- or three-room apartments in different parts of the city or nearby to the university campus. Off-campus prices and conditions vary from person to person depending on what the student is looking for.

The average price of houses in the area is between 150 and 450 Euros monthly, depending on the type of building or the distance from the city center. Accepted payment methods are 6 months or 12 months’ rent.

Students often share accommodation in a community-like environment where students invest in resources and rent apartments and share everything from rent to utility bills.

Renting an apartment means students have to pay utilities such as water, electricity, water, internet, and cable, but these utilities are not included in the rent.

According to our recommendation, please consult us before paying for off-campus accommodation. We also provide our students with the best choice according to their budget and needs.

Sports at Arkın University of Creative Arts and Design

Food at Arkın University of Creative Arts and Design

The House: Students who want to take advantage of The House Restaurant menu within Arkın Group will be offered a special 25% discount. Students who want to take advantage of the discount must show their student card when paying.

Cafeteria: The university cafeteria on campus offers a fast-food unit where all kinds of hot and cold foods and beverages (cold sandwiches, toast, tea, instant coffee and varieties, ayran, lemonade, cola, Fanta, soda, fruit juice, soda, etc.).

It is one of the places that it uses in some way. It is often the most popular place for students looking for fast food at affordable prices.


Transportation at Arkın University of Creative Arts and Design

The university provides free shuttle buses that transport students to and from the campus, both within the city and from other cities.

The buses operate a scheduled service at specified times every day. These service hours transport students from different bus stops within Girne, from the university-provided dormitories in Dikmen and from other cities like Lefkosa and D.Arapkoy.

Students can confirm the service times as they are very timely and buses move hourly with stops at specified bus stops.

About Girne/Kyrenia

Girne/Kyrenia is the busiest city in North Cyprus, close to the port and therefore surrounded by water. This city has some of the most amazing bars, clubs, and restaurants in all of Northern Cyprus.

There are more than 21,000 people in Girne, and in summer, the climate conditions are the best. In Girne, people can engage in various water sports, and the cost of a boat trip is between 20 and 40 euros per person, but it is cheaper for a group.

The scenery is great for relaxation, and students often visit the city center for walks. Kyrenia is the most tourist-friendly city, so there are many impressive hotels and shops. The main or most commonly used language in cities is English.

The city is also located near the historic castle and attracts many tourists from all over the country. Compared to other cities, Kyrenia lives faster, but it is more expensive to live here.

Girne has the best transportation system in Northern Cyprus, with buses and taxis always available. In winter, the city is less busy and usually sparsely populated.

Like other cities in Cyprus, there are several casinos and gaming companies in the city that are looking for vacancies for students, especially in the summer when there are crowds of tourists.

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