RocApply Podcast Host

Scheduling content publications across platforms, Recording videos about studying abroad.

Job Description

RocApply is searching for a good communicator to serve as our esteemed Podcast Host. RocApply is willing to work with beginners meaning someone with no experience but who has the drive to learn.

The RocApply Podcast Host should review the ReocApply platforms and all services and features offered by RocApply proceeding to devise highly appealing content. Upon publication thereof, the host should also monitor viewers' feedback and report to the RocApply marketing team.
To ensure success as a RocApply Podcast Host, you should exhibit unwavering authenticity and thoughtfulness about RocApply's vested interests. Ultimately, an exceptional Podcast Host should remain culturally literate and keenly responsive to feedback. 

Job Responsibilities

  • Scheduling content publications across platforms
  • Recording videos about studying abroad
  • Covering all stipulated talking points
  • Adhering to all other agreed-upon sponsorship guidelines 
  • Conveying authentic enthusiasm throughout each publication
  • Making videos about RocApply and publishing them on social media platforms

Job Requirements

  • No Specific Education qualification needed
  • Demonstrable willingness to learn and that you are a good communicator
  • Ability to build a large, highly dedicated viewership across multiple social media channels
  • Tech-savvy with well-honed marketing abilities
  • Excellent verbal communication skills. An amicable, authoritative, and culturally aware disposition
  • Predictably authentic
  • Identification with broader societal causes
  • Ability to speak multiple languages an advantage

About RocApply:

We as RocApply are building a One-stop solution for students that are studying abroad. We are supporting students in finding the right program and university, getting admission within RocApply, automated support for Visa and accommodation and building a local community for students.

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North Cyprus, as a whole, has a small-town lifestyle. Things move at a slower pace than London or Berlin but people are very friendly, nice and welcoming. The Island has people from all corners of the world and you are not likely to feel lonely.