Frequently Asked Questions

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How does RocApply work?

RocApply offers the easiest way to apply for universities and colleges.

Step 1: Filter/search based on your preferences

Step 2: Choose university which fits your requirements

Step 3: Apply directly within RocApply

Step 4: Track application progress

You only get to upload your documents once and after that, you are free to just click "send application" to any university of your choice...It's that easy!

Is RocApply free for Students?

Yes, RocApply is free, we do not charge any fees to students.

I don't have enough documents yet, can I still be allowed to apply?

For students who are still waiting for results or certificates, you are welcome to apply for colleges and universities as long as you specify when you anticipate receiving the additional qualifications.

If you are not sure contact us at; [email protected]

How long do I have to wait for the response from the university?

It all depends on how long it takes the university admission board to make a decision however, we will keep you updated, therefore please keep checking the status of your application on RocApply.

There is a university I want to apply to but it's not on RocApply

Please send us the name of the university at; [email protected] and we will contact the university and onboard them on the platform.

I am having problems uploading my documents documents

Please send us an email at [email protected] and we will upload them for you.

I forgot the password to my RocApply account

Just click on "forgot my password" and you will be sent a link to re-activate a new password.

Can I send you a review or an article about my university?

Yes please feel free to send([email protected]) us articles or reviews about your universities and cities you are studying in, we will surely be honoured to publish them on our RocApply blog.

Remember at the end of the day we just want to help each other, at least that's the goal.

How to apply using RocApply
Only takes 5 minutes

Customize/filter your research of programs based on your preferences, such as country, city, language, semester or tuition fees. Roc Apply has all the answers for you.

Choose the university and programs which fit your requirements. More information provided about courses include tuition fees, visa requirements, application deadlines, etc.

Upload required documents, send your application and track progress. Go back and apply to another university, with no need to upload documents ever again. It’s that simple!

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