Nigeria Primary School Structure

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  • Duration of study       : 6 years
  • Ages                            : 6-11 years
  • Levels                          : Grades 1-6
  • Primary Languages     : English
  • Terms                          : 2 semesters (September to July)
  • Admission Term          : Beginning of the term- September.
  • Tuition: $US1 500– $13 000 (N500 000-5 000 000)-international Curriculum schools

            : N50 000+ per year (other local schools)

Primary education in Nigeria begins at around the age of 5 and lasts for 6 years. Upon completion, students graduate with a school-leaving certificate. Subjects taught at the primary level include Mathematics, English language, basic science and technology, religion and national values, and cultural and creative arts Agricultural science, Home economics, and one of the three main indigenous languages and cultures (Hausa-Fulani, Yoruba, and Igbo). Pre-vocational studies here also include home economics, agriculture, and entrepreneurship, and the French language which are introduced in grade 4. On completion of Primary school, students are usually required to take a Common Entrance Examination to qualify for admission into the Federal and State Government schools.          

Examples of international schools offering primary education in Nigeria are as follows:

The Netherlands International School Lagos

This is a community-based school with an open door policy and strong home-school relations. The school embraces students from diverse nationalities, religions, and cultural backgrounds. The school aims to ensure that each child can develop to their full potential in the social, emotional, cognitive, motor, and sensory areas.

  • Established: 1967
  • Location: Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria
  • Type: Public
  • Age Range: 2-11
  • Student Population: 150+
  • International Students: 80% (30+ countries)
  • Languages of Instruction: English and Dutch
  • Curriculum: British, Dutch, International

Primary curriculum- The curriculum here is internationally-minded, thematic, cross-curricular, and creative. It allows children to gain an international perspective while learning to work together, investigate, make connections, and find solutions. Students cover several subjects including geography, history, science, technology, and art.

Activities and Clubs- students can engage in a variety of clubs and activities that keep them fit and engaged. Activities and clubs include tennis, badminton and basketball, music, dance, karate, soccer, Art, Bricks4Kidz (lego and robotics), Mad Science, and Chess, to mention but a few.

St. Saviours School Ikoyi

This is a British Curriculum School located in Ikoyi Lagos. It serves students from foundation 2 to Year 6. It is one of the top centers of academic excellence in the country; which aims to develop well-rounded pupils with strong values, and resilience to embrace any challenges. It teaches children to work hard and be active participants who can think for themselves, ask questions and engage fully in all aspects.

  • Established: 1951
  • Location: Ikoyi- Lagos, Nigeria
  • ages: 4-11
  • language of Instruction: English
  • tuition: N3 745 500 
  • Curriculum: British, Christian, and International curriculum
  • Student population: 320+
  • International Students: 40%

Accreditation: COBIS, Independent Schools Inspectorate, British Schools Overseas

Memberships: Council of British International Schools, UK Independent Schools Association of Preparatory Schools (IAPS), and the Association of Independent School Educators of Nigeria (AISEN).

The school offers a curriculum that embraces 21st-century education and fully prepares students for lifelong learning. The Subjects include English, mathematics, computing, humanities, history, drama, music, french, library, PSCHE, swimming, physical education, art, science, and religious education, to mention but a few. Students can engage in a variety of sports activities including Swimming, Athletics, and Football.

The fees breakdown for the 2020-2021 year are as follows:

  • application fee: N35 000
  • on-refundable admission acceptance fee: N3 433 375
  • refundable deposit: N1 373 350
  • termly fee (3 terms): N1 373 350
  • PTA levy: N33 430 per annum
  • yearbook: N12 000 per annum

prospective students

the school has an open admission policy and accepts international students regardless of race, color, creed, or religion. The Registration process for Reception takes place in September through the school website by following the link and filing an online application. The following are required to apply for admission:


  • An application fee of N35 000 A printout of the application form filled out from the process above
  • a copy of the prospect's birth certificate
  • one passport-sized photo

Rosemore House International School

This is a unique school for pre-primary and primary education and promotes all-around educational excellence through the active participation of children, teachers, and parents in the learning and development process. The school offers a curriculum that integrates Nigerian, British, and American educational systems.

  • Location: Lekki Phase 1, Lagos State, Nigeria
  • Ages: 1-11
  • Student Population: 150+
  • Type: Public
  • Language of Instruction: English
  • Curriculum: American, British, and Nigerian.

Rosemore House International School offers a blend of Nigerian, American, and British curriculum, and teaching methods in a safe learning environment. The school emphasizes child-centered learning, high academic standards, social values, and godly virtues in its education system.

The curriculum offers the following subjects: Numeracy, Literacy, Drama, Science, ICT, Geography, Social Studies, History, Diction, Art and Craft, Music, Physical Education, French, and Yoruba.

Students can engage in a variety of extracurricular activities by joining any of the clubs including STEM and Robotics, Speed Math, Creative Writing, Soccer, Swimming, Ballet, and Lego. The school also offers a variety of enrichment classes that develop various leadership and entrepreneurship skills of students. These include Entrepreneurial Studies, Debate and Drama, Fashion design, Etiquette, and Public Speaking, and Leadership studies.     

Prospective students

RocApply provides you a pretty simple application process. All you have to do is sit in front of your computer, visit our website and start your application process. Simply follow the following simple steps:

  1. Complete the application form
  2. Get a Provisional offer of admission
  3. accept the offer of admission and complete registration forms and pay all school fees.
  4. complete the registration form and attach the following documents:
  • proof of payment
  • Copy of birth certificate
  • Copy of previous school result
  • Copy of immunization
  • 2 Recent Passport Photographs                            

Marymount School

This is a Nursery and Primary school, offering a blend of the British and the Nigerian Curriculum. It offers child-centered, interactive learning, and a 21st-century education experience. The school offers a tailor-made, interdisciplinary curriculum that takes into account and accommodates each pupil’s learning style.

  • Established: 2007
  • Location: Lekki Phase 1, Lagos
  • Type: Public
  • Ages: 2-11
  • Language of Instruction: English
  • Curriculum: British, Indian, and Nigerian

The school offers a wide and interdisciplinary curriculum encompassing include visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic learning styles to accommodate every child.

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