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RocApply gives a clear narrative of the educational system in Nigeria and the scope of basic to secondary education here. Here are the various education levels in Nigeria.


  • Duration of study       : 2 years
  • Ages                            : 3-5 years
  • Primary Languages     : English
  • Terms                          : 2 semesters/ terms
  • Admission Term: Beginning of the term- September.
  • School Types: crèche, nursery school, and kindergarten school.

Early childhood education is referred to as pre-primary education and is for children aged three to about five before their entering mainstream education or primary school. It is the starting point for a child’s development and the key foundation of the Nigerian Educational System. This education in Nigeria is provided by both private and public players. Early childhood education or pre-primary education in Nigeria is aimed at:

  • providing a smooth transmission for children from home to school
  • Preparing the child for primary education or mainstream education
  • cultivating social norms
  • cultivating a spirit of inquiry and creativity through the exploration of nature and environment, art, music, and playing with toys.
  • Developing a sense of co-operation and team spirit within children
  • Learn good habits, especially good health habits
  • Teaching the basics of numbers, letters, colors, shapes, forms, and more

why Pre-primary education?

Early childhood education is of paramount importance because it enables children to improve on their self-confidence, enhances independence, widens their scope of understanding, and helps them gain mastery of the world around them. Pre-primary education provides a smooth transition from home to school and enables the children to interact with other people outside their immediate family and also helps in the emotional development of children.

Examples Of Pre-primary Schools In Nigeria

RocApply provides you with a list of some of the schools offering pre-primary education in Nigeria. These can be both private and public.

Greensprings School (Pre-School)

This is a British school in Lagos. It offers education from pre-school to post-secondary. It has 3 campuses, the Ikoyi Campus, Anthony Camps, and the Lekki Campus. Its offerings include a Crèche, Preschool, Elementary School, Secondary School, and Sixth Form. It offers an international baccalaureate.

  • Location: Lagos Nigeria.
  • Campus: Urban
  • No. of Campuses: 3
  • Established: 1985
  • Student Population: 2500+
  • Accreditation: Lagos State Ministry of Education., Commission on International and Trans-Regional Accreditation (CITA),

Membership: Association of International Schools in Africa (AISA), the Association of International School Educators of Nigeria (AIPEN), and the Nigerian International Schools Association (NISA).

The school has qualified teachers and child-centered facilities and is considered to be one of the best Montessori schools in Lagos with a child-centered approach. The curriculum offered here follows the 5 Montessori areas including Practical Life Exercises, Sensorial Education, Mathematics, Language, and Cultural Subjects. Apart from the five Montessori curriculum areas,  the preschool offers elective options including ballet, swimming, French, arts and crafts, cultural activities, gymnastics, indoor games, and storytime, to mention but a few.

Prospective Students

There are plenty of reasons why you should choose to study at Greensprings. It offers the best learning environment and an international curriculum. Prospective students should take note of the following if they intend to study here. The following must be met to apply for admission:

  • 2 passport photographs (not more than 6 months old)
  • An application fee of N20 000
  • Proof of application fee payment
  • Candidate’s birth certificate or international passport biodata page
  • recent academic reports from the last 2 years
  • Applicant’s character testimonial from the current school (if any)

For new students, the fees include the cost of the prospectus, a once-off registration fee, tuition, textbooks, school uniforms, Co-curricular Activities, and PTA levy.

The RiverBank School

This is an independent co-educational Christian school We are a Christian school currently accepting children from 3 months (Creche) to Year 8. The school offers an environment in which children can develop their talents and attain their full potential within a very strong and supportive framework, with sober Christian values and ethics.

The school offers a curriculum that blends the Montessori Method and the British Early Years Foundation Curriculum. In this regard, it offers education in the five Montessori curricular areas including Practical Life Exercises, Sensorial Education, Language, Mathematics, and Cultural Subjects (History, Geography, Biology). The British Foundation Stage offers education in seven main areas of study namely Mathematical Development, Communication, Language and Literacy, Understanding the World, Physical Development, Personal, Social-Emotional Development, Creative Development, Literacy, ICT, music, and French.

  • Founded: 2009
  • Location: Didelou Estate, Victoria Island, Nigeria
  • Type: Co-educational Day school
  • Students: 819+

Membership: Council of British International Schools (COBIS), The Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI), The Association of International School Educators of Nigeria (AISEN)

the Riverbank school offers a variety of facilities that enhance learning and in safe, secure locations. Facilities include a PlayGround, a Swimming Pool, an AstroTurf Pitch, Music Room, an ICT Lab, and a Science Laboratory

prospective students.

Students who wish to study here have to adhere to certain, school-specific requirements and processes. Fill in a Registration Form and pay N10 000 for Nursery and Primary schools

Return completed form with the following documents:

  • 2 Passport Photos
  • copy of Immunization Record
  • copy of Birth Certificate

for all online applications, the Applications will only be processed If a non-refundable application fee of N10 000 has been paid into the school account. Applicants must also scan a copy of the proof of payment. Admission will also only be considered when all the required documents have been received by the admissions officer at the school.

The school offers a wide range of extracurricular activities in the areas of Sports, Art, Science, and Technology. These include the dance club, stories, and rhyme, computing and ICT, football, ballet, swimming, violin, and chess, to mention but a few.

Attwool Sunflower School - Pre-school and Primary

This is a diverse and unique school dedicated to serving education through teaching, scholarship, and outreach in a conducive environment. The school offers education from nursery to primary and secondary education

  • Student Population: 500+
  • Type: co-educational day school
  • Language of Instruction: English
  • Location: Lekki Phase 1, Lagos, Nigeria

Prospective students:

The school has an open admission policy and Admission is not based on ethnic, religious, or social aspects. Admission here is mainly through an entrance examination for entry classes. This would be the best choice if you intend to enroll your child in Nigeria.

Requirements include:

  • a recent passport photo of the child and parent
  • a copy of a birth certificate
  • proof of payment of admission form
  • fully completed Medical Forms.

The school also offers activities through the following clubs: the Jets Club, the Press Club, and the Soccer Club.

Children's International School

This is a school for children that offers education for various levels from nursery to senior school.

Junior School- The school has a Junior School section that provides education from nursery to Pre- School, up to the 6th grade. the Junior school offers a variety of facilities including three science labs, three computer suites, several music rooms, a swimming pool, tennis courts, a basketball and volleyball court, a full-size football pitch, and play areas. The school's curriculum touches on various areas including personal care and development,  communication and language, physical development, literacy, mathematical development, physical education, and expressive art and design to mention but a few.

  • Type: Co-educational Day
  • Language of Instruction: English
  • Location: Lekki Phase 1, Lagos, Nigeria

Students here can indulge in a variety of engaging extracurricular activities through clubs that include basketball, cheerleading, ballet, tennis, mad science, karate, rugby, cartooning and animation club, and the streaming club, to mention but a few.

Why choose CIS?

Prospective students will find a new home in CIS  as it offers an inclusive first-class junior education. It is a diverse community with students from more than 25 countries and The school offers a rich, diverse, and stimulating extra-curricular program. This is a place worth considering for your child's pre-schooling or junior education.

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