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When moving to Nigeria there are certain documents necessary for carrying from your home country in case they are needed for any immediate reason. It is important to carry the necessary documents to avoid any complications from your institution of study, immigration, or even health care service providers.

Find out from the Nigerian embassy in your home country on the essential documents to carry to Nigeria. Here is a list we compiled for you. Although it does not cover all the documents that might be required, it does highlight some of the important documents you should carry when traveling to Nigeria for study purposes.

Identification documents:

  • ⦁ Passport
  • ⦁ Birth Certificate
  • ⦁ Drivers’ license
  • ⦁ Marriage Certificate (applicable for married couples)

Academic Documents

  • ⦁ Bachelors/ Post-graduate certificates
  • ⦁ High school certificate
  • ⦁ All other certificates and added certifications where applicable i.e. Masters, Ph.D.
  • ⦁ Transcripts
  • ⦁ Proof of financial sustenance
  • ⦁ University admission letter

Other Documentation

  • ⦁ Medical Documents
  • ⦁ Yellow Fever vaccination
  • ⦁ Accommodation arrangement or booking.


University documents:

  1. Conditional acceptance letter
  2. Unconditional acceptance letter
  3. All Payment receipts

Medical documents:

  1. Medical report (if applicable)
  2. Yellow fever card(compulsory for some countries)

Other documents:

  1. Printed flight itinerary
  2. 12 passport photocopies

Please kindly make sure to have the originals and 6 (certified/notarized) photocopies of each enlisted document.

With the above-listed documents, you should be ready to travel.. Travel safe and good luck- RocApply team!

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