Car Rental in Nigeria

You might need a car rental services during your stay in Nigeria so that you can find your way around easier. Having reliable transportation is very important whenever you are a student. You might need to get from your part-time job to your lectures quicker and public transportation is a let-down sometimes.

That is why we thought it best to suggest a few car rental companies that might help you make life easier for yourself. It is vital to find out which option works best for you before you decide on renting a car and to consider the options that a car rental company may offer you.

Some might issue out discounted prices for students and when you are renting a car for longer periods. If you cannot afford to rent a car, it is alright you can still use private taxi services such as Uber and Taxify.

Here is a list of car rental options that RocApply thought would be handy for international students. Please note car hire options vary from $95 to $400+ (but are not limited to that price range) depending on the type of car and service provider.

  • Avis Car rental Nigeria
  • Sixt Car rental Nigeria
  • Hertz Car rental Nigeria

You can now book and reserve a Car directly through RocApply.

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