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Finding accommodation in Nigeria can be a tricky task for an international student. Foreign students have the option of either living on or off-campus.

In case you experience difficulty in getting accommodation on your own, our dedicated team of RocApply members can help you secure a comfortable place to live in during your studying in Nigeria.

Using our partnership with various institutions and accommodation services, RocApply is your one-stop place for any accommodation issues.

Campus Residence

Staying on campus is considered the most appropriate option for students that are not familiar with the Nigerian environment. It is secure, comfortable, and convenient to stay on campus as it will ensure that students make the best of the institution’s resources.

Universities in Nigeria usually consist of a library, cafeteria, and sporting facilities for the unrestricted access to the students. The residence rooms are mostly shared spaces meaning that the students have to learn to live communally and be courteous and respectful to one another.

For example, the University of Ibadan has halls of residence that accommodate 4 students in a room. With 8 male hostels and 4 female hostels, the university can accommodate most of its 35 000 students in comfortable environments.

Other universities offer International students well-furnished guest houses and university apartments at a prescribed and usually affordable fee. It is important to inquire with your university of interest if they provide such a service.

Off-Campus Residence

Accommodation can become a great challenge for students studying in Nigeria. With already a constantly growing populace, the country faces housing woes. This means that private accommodation is a highly sought after commodity and therefore the prices of a 3 bedroomed apartment can skyrocket to above US$2000 per month, a price that is usually out of a student’s range.

However, as a student, it is important to find sharing space to rent near campus areas so that you save on transportation and other extra costs. Boarding houses and hostels around campus are a viable option as well.

They come in as a much affordable alternative than renting an apartment and the places tend to have better upkeep and maintenance since they are privately owned and afford janitorial staff.

Staying with a family is also a cheaper option. Not only will it be financially convenient for the student, but it also allows him/her the opportunity to learn and experience the Nigerian culture from a nucleus level by also participating in it. It is important to consider the proximity of your private residence from the campus area when choosing a place to stay.


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