Duplicate of Duplicate of Junior Web Developer (North Cyprus or Remote)

This will include building new HTML Templates that can be introduced to our services.

Job Description

Job Description

The RocApply Development team is currently looking for a Junior Web Developer to help us build and improve our product together with our German development and North Cyprus operational teams.

As our Junior Web Developer, you will be introduced to our cutting edge IT infrastructure (Website and Backend) and will continue to work closely with our developers to improve our product and add new services and features. 

This will include building new HTML Templates that can be introduced to our services, connecting different processes, analyzing web traffic and making adjustments based on findings and user feedback as well as improving and automating backend processes for our operational team. 

Job Requirements


  • Good experience with Web Technologies (HTML5, CSS and JavaScript/JQuery)
  • Sufficient knowledge of at least one programming language (preferably PHP)
  • Proficient Englishlanguage skills
  • Excellent communication and time management skills
  • Team Player 

About RocApply:

We as RocApply are building a One-stop solution for students that are studying abroad. We are supporting students in finding the right program and university, getting admission within RocApply, automated support for Visa and accommodation and building a local community for students.

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Junior Web Developer at RocApply:

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About Nigeria:

RocApply invites you to study in Nigeria, Africa’s largest country in population. Boasting of being one of the most urbanised countries in the continent, Nigeria is one of the places non-African people think of whenever Africa is mentioned. It comes as no doubt that due to this, favourable advantage, Nigeria is one of the most visited places in Africa both for tourist reasons and also for migration purposes. Known as one of the major powers in the continent and the world at large, Nigeria is a coveted place to visit and experience the diversified culture of the country. International students will get the opportunity to gain a more global mindset about the world than when studying in their home country.