Flights to Niger

Guests traveling to Niger from all over the world have a range of options to choose from in terms of airlines to use. This usually depends on their preference, the costs, or where they are flying from. Some fly directly from their home countries and some need to use connecting flights. Some airlines flying to Niger include:

 Airports in Niger

There are several airports in Niger serving different regions and towns. There are 2 known international airports in Niger, with the rest being small regional airports. Here is a brief look at some of the airports in Niger.

Dior Hamani International Airport- this is the main airport of Niger, located in Niamey. It is Niger’s busiest airport with close to 100 000 people worth of passenger traffic.

It takes about 10 minutes from the airport to the city center by taxi. The airport is also used by the air force, hence the bigger the complex is. The airport also serves other West African countries.

Mano Dayak International Airport- this is the second busiest and second airport that accepts international flights. 

Maradi Airport- this is a public airport serving Maradi. It has an asphalt runway. The national airline, Niger Airlines is the main operator in this airport and plies the Niamey route.

Zinder airport- the airport was granted international status and handles international flights as well. By 2018, the airport handled 30 aircraft movements per year and had a total of 2500 passengers for the year.

The airport currently handles cargo flights only on an ad-hoc basis, because of limited capacity due to the lack of specialized equipment. It has an asphalt surface and the runway can accommodate B737 planes.

The airport though recently awarded international status has customs on 48 hours requests, immigration, a terminal building, passenger terminal, a control tower, a weather facility, and airport radar.

Tahoua Airport- this is a public airport located in and serving the town of Tahoua and travelers from around. The airport has an asphalt surface.

Maine-Soroa Airport- this is a public airport that serves the town of Maine-Soroa in Niger. It is administered and controlled by the government. 




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