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Adjusting to life as a student abroad can be difficult. Even more so if you are trying to do it in a new environment, but with some prior knowledge, it is an exciting and unique time in your life. Here is all that you need to know about student life in Monaco to make your stay as seamless as possible.

It's also important to know how to get around a new city. RocApply has dedicated this guide to make sure you are not caught between thickets here!

İf you want to explore a new world with endless glamour and a lifetime experience, consider placing your application to a Monacan university today. You’ll sink into a complete culture shock when you travel to a country with a different functional lifestyle.

The allure of Monaco for many students can be attributed to numerous elements including the richness of nature, profound culture, diversity of academics, and depth of adventure.

One of the largest benefits that Monaco has to offer its students is a brand new perspective on an academic curriculum and personal awareness. There is a significant importance to the practical curriculum beyond the classroom in all areas of study.

This is because, in Monaco, much of the knowledge can be easily applied, as we are surrounded by ecology, nature, industry, and a global connection. For example, rather than solely reading about the reptile physiology, psychological behaviors, or net profit calculations of a growing business, students continuously apply what they are organically learning into their lives.

This is mainly in response to the national focus on the growth and security of biodiversity, industry, and cultural awareness. Students attend academic excursions to places such as Biological Reserves, non-profit organizations, and National Parks to vividly transmute what they are learning.

The array of extracurricular activities are continually growing for the students in Monaco. Volunteering, attending cultural dance and cooking classes, joining organizations, attending festivals, taking an art tour of the city with students are just some of the engagement activities that have been popular in recent years.

This allows students to learn the Arabic language and spend time in the communities; both of which help strengthen their outlooks and personal development. To help further this development, Arabic intrigues its students through educational outdoor activities.

Taking hikes with groups, learning how chocolate is made, or even exploring natural remedies are just some of the many examples of involvement here in the country. Monaco is a lively country with something to do that will interest everyone. Even on a school day, you can find great things to keep you busy after lectures.

Foreign students at the public universities are entitled to highly subsidized accommodation, usually in dormitories. Therefore, most students do not have the pressure of having to find a job during their study at university and can participate in the various extracurricular activities offered by the institutions.

Sports, particularly football, are popular with male students, although less mainstream sports including ultimate frisbee are also offered.

receive from former students. Activity lists are by no means exhaustive; rather, they are meant to give you an idea for exploring all of the ways you can get involved in Monaco! We advise you to check by yourself what beauty lies ahead!



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