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Any visitor to Monaco will quickly conclude that Monacans are resilient. The complex and turbulent nature of Monaco’s recent past creates a delicate scenario as the country learns how to deal with the present.

This, along with the wild forests and interesting scenery, makes the country a unique and exotic destination that can feel any study abroad students' curiosity. Welcome to RocApply Monaco Cultural Guide!!

The culture and some other characteristics of the nation are represented by Italian and French influences. Standards of living in the country are quite high almost similar to those well off French urban areas. The country maintains to control several zones, including the postal service, tobacco, and telephone routes.

Many restaurants in the country offer traditional delicacies and high-quality meals here. Some of the common foods that are usually served especially during holidays suchlike Carnival before Lent, Easter, and Christmas are barbagiuan, fougasse, socca, and stocafi.

The official language in the country is French. Other spoken languages include English and Italian. Roman Catholicism is the official and main religion in Monaco. Other religions that are practiced include Protestantism, Anglican Church, Greek Orthodox Church, Islam, and Judaism.

Some of the common and popular sports in the country are football, golf, rugby, and tennis. Every year the Music Film Festival in Monaco is held at Monte Carlo. The objective of the said event is to enjoy the spirit of music.

One of the most famous spots for tourists is the Monte Carlo Casino, which is recognized as first-class with regards to art and cultural shows and celebration events. The theatre in the said casino is designed by French architect Charles Garnier in the 19th century.

Festivals in the country are also the main attraction for foreigners. Monaco's culture has strong influences from its neighbors, France, Italy, and Spain. With the native Monegasque population making up only about twenty-one percent of the population, the French actually make up the largest group at 28 percent.

This implies that the French influence is massive. The constitution allows for religious freedom, yet the country remains a religious nation. The governing Grimaldi family has played an important role in promoting culture and the arts here.

Foreigners will find an amazing array of world-class galleries and music celebrations throughout the year, many supported by the royals themselves.

The family has set-up many foundations and charities to promote various reasons, which include the Princess Grace Foundation (which also supports Princess Grace Dance Academy), the Prince Pierre Foundation (supporting culture and arts), and Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation (promoting environmental initiatives). The people here are warm and welcoming. They interact openly and make friendship with strangers without fretting!

" Its a place to be" - Martin from Canada

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