Student Life in Malaysia


Student Life in Malaysia

For students contemplating on studying in Malaysia, Malaysia’s student life testimonies from students from all over the world make it definitely the destination of choice. Students’ living costs and day to day expenses in Malaysia are fairly reasonable and students are able to live comfortably, while also relying on available part-time jobs.

Islam is the primary religion in the country though it offers a secular atmosphere with Hindu temples and Buddhist monasteries co-existing with mosques and churches.

Here more reasons why student life in Malaysia is very interesting;

  • Cheaper living costs compared to countries around (e.g. Singapore) in terms of food, accommodation, transport, going out
  • Multi-plural, welcome society to all international students
  • Friendly weather and climate
  • Wide and common option of foods to choose from
  • Vibrant and active nightlife for students to enjoy themselves
  • Awesome country for touring and road trips

Student expenses are dependent on each individual’s lifestyle, however, there are several cost-cutting measures which international students have learnt to employ such as bargaining when buying, finding cheaper of campus accommodation as well as cooking in instead of eating out regularly.



Rather use the free university buses some students usually find it cheaper as well as convenient to rent private cars considering that in some small cities you may rent a car for the whole month for as cheap as $150.00. In the capital city of Kuala Lumpur, fast trains are wildly used and taxis. Students go out on a nightly basis for different reasons such as food, drinks and watching sports.

In most cases, outskirt cities and centres are cheaper and more affordable when planning on shopping and offer students wider options to save. For leisure, Malaysia offers students limitless social activities and opportunities such as sport, social theatres and galleries, theme parks, shopping malls etc.

Students in Malaysia spend a considerable amount of their free time playing sports in private clubs such as Basketball, rugby, soccer, tennis, ping-pong. Students also tend to travel around Malaysia a lot because it's very affordable to visit different cities in Malaysia. Malaysia's Sabar region is truly amazing with different small Islands and offers opportunities for students to spend their weekends swimming.

Cheap direct flights to Singapore, Thailand, China, Hongkong, Australia and Indonesia making it possible for students to explore the different country at minimum costs.

For foodies, Asian countries are always the best, Malaysia is very international with Chinese natives, Indians, Pakistan, Bangladesh, European, American and African communities having different restaurants around the country hence making it easy to enjoy diversifies cuisines.

Since we leave in the world of millennials its important to also note the internet in Malaysia is very fast and free in airports, restaurants and malls.

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