Night Life In Malaysia


Night Life in Malaysia

Malaysia is a vibrant and lively country which boasts some of the most fast paced and super busy night lies’ in Asia and beyond. Together with countless restaurants and bars to choose from Malaysia also has amazing clubs, laid-back lounges, large street markets, cinema halls, hotels and slick roof top joints.

With a heavily western influence culture (former Britain colony), international students are more than catered or when it comes to entertainment and leisure with music and movies alike being drawn from the international scene.

On average to have a great night out students would be advised to have on them between $100 and $200 for everything covering food, transport drinks etc. Some hot spots to look out in Kuala Lumpur for include:

  • Beach Blanket Babylon
  • Gravity Club
  • Play Club at the Roof
  • Stratosphere @ Roof Bar
  • Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Bar
  • Way Mod

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