Malaysia Visa Requirements


Student Visa requirements in Malaysia

The student visa application process to Malaysia is not difficult nor complicated, the whole process involves 3 parties i.e. the respective student, university being applied to and the Malaysia immigration office and if done correctly it should take only a couple of weeks.

After obtaining offer letters, international students are required to apply for a visa application letter which will then allow for authorization of visa from the applicants home country Malaysian embassy. It is advised to start the visa application process and submit at least months before intended travel period, however, the actual student visa process usually takes on average 2 weeks at most given everything require is done accordingly and in time.

Student need the following documents in order to apply for a visa to Malaysia;

  • A Valid Passport
  • 2 most recent photos passport size
  • Authentic and certified copies of your academic credentials. High school level certificate or bachelors and master’s degrees respectively
  • Acceptance letter from institution clarifying applicant’s details, choice of study Proof of tuition payment, length of stay, and Proof of full-time course of study
  • A return Ticket to Malaysia (Please note that you do not need to actually buy the flight ticket, an itinerary ticket or booking is enough)
  • Completed Visa Application form obtained from the respective Malaysia embassy
  • Health insurance proof
  • Police clearance certificate
  • Visa Application Fee

Once the above documents have been submitted at the local embassy students are granted a visa by the immigration. International students should be prepared to pay a non-refundable fee of approx. 250usd (terms and conditions apply) for the whole visa application process.

Once in Malaysia and the student has settled into their residence and educational institution, they are expected to hand in their passport to the immigration offices so as to get a student permit stamped on their passports but the university international office will take responsibility for helping first-time students with the process and after that international students in Malaysia are also advised to remember to renew their study visa, prior to expiration at least 1 month before.



Requirements for renewing the Student Visa in Malaysia Visa

The university usually assists new students with renewing their visas every year once they are in Malaysia, however, some documents have to be prepared by each respective international student and submitted to the Malaysia Foreign Relations Department at the Local Police Headquarters close to your university.

Please contact the international office in your respect university to help you with the process of renewing your visa in Malaysia, you may also contact RocApply members for guidance.

List of documents required for renewing the Student Visa in Malaysia

  • Service fee and completed application form (Obtained at the Malaysia Foreign Relations Department close to your university in Malaysia)

  • Copies of student passport and visa

  • 2 most recent photos passport size

  • Student registration letter from the university (Please ask for the letter from your university's International office department)

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