Malaysia Lifestyle and Culture


Life Style and Culture in Malaysia

Malays have a wonderful history, pound sense of national identity and a colourful culture which they are always willing to share with the rest I the world. Malaysia brags itself of being a warm, friendly and largely such an environment, international students quickly feel welcome and easily enjoin into the society and way of life of the Malaysian people.

Malaysians are a largely religious people, with the predominant religion being albeit others cultures and religions are soundly accommodated. As such, religion often fosters peace and togetherness with the numerous festivals Eid, celebrated by Muslims, Chinese New year, Hindu Deepavali (festival of lights) among different religions promoting integration, tolerance and a sense of belonging which students appreciate (The main festival) are also celebrated. A tradition during these festivities is the ‘open house’ concept, where friends, family and neighbours are all welcomed to drop by to celebrate.



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