Flights To and From Malaysia


Flights to Malaysia

Now that all the applications and university deliberations are done, let’s talk about actually travelling to Malaysia! Malaysia has a booming aviation industry with well over 58 million arrivals departures in Kuala Lumpur alone in 2017. The main airliner in Malaysia is Malaysian Airlines which flies out to any destination in Europe, the rest of Asia, and Oceania.

Other reputable airlines which students and their visiting parents, friends and relatives may use when travelling to Malaysia include but are not limited to the following airline; 

  • Emirates Airlines
  • Qatar Airlines
  • KLM Airlines
  • Singapore Airlines
  • South African Airways
  • British Airlines
  • American Airlines
  • Virgin Airlines

To get assistance with reservation and booking or light to Malaysia do not hesitate to contact out RocApply team. In spite of Malaysia having several airports, it is ten advisable to opt or Kuala Lumpur international airport as destination/arrival as flying to bigger airports is usually less pricey.

Once all immigration processing is done and cleared, new students are immediately aided by their respective university representatives who are easily identifiable, The university drivers will pick students from the airports and escort them safely to their rooms. For new students make sure you notify the university and the RocApply team of your flight plan so that they may have a driver waiting for you at the airport.

For parents, relatives and friends visiting in Malaysia, you may book a taxi in advance or rent a car for the whole day from the airport to your hotel. Parents are also encouraged to reach out to RocApply team in case they need help or clarify a couple of questions. 

How much does a Flight Ticket to Malaysia Cost?

Fight prices to Malaysia differ depending on where you come from or where you will be travelling from, however, we can guarantee you that there are multiple fights to Turkey and they are usually affordable. 

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To buy a flight ticket to Turkey please use the links above or ask the RocApply team members to help you.

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