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Universities in Macau have a student Affairs Office that specifically looks at student affairs and student life and their transition in life at university. There are various departments that focus on student life including Psychological Counselling Centre, Career Development Centre, Disability Support Services, Student Services, Cultural and Arts Affairs, and Student Housing.

These pull together ideas and resources to ensure that students have the best university experience in Macau. Let’s look briefly at some areas that affect student’s life and also enhance student life.

Students Residences

 Universities like the University of Macau has a residence college, 10 in fact, where students can find accommodation and a number of facilities. A proper student residence is beneficial and enhances the life of students.

Each residential college has its own dining hall and courtyard, classroom, study room, meeting room, common room, music room, gym, and laundry room.

The residential colleges offer a wide variety of activities and social events, including high table dinners, master’s dinners, a series of talks by internal and external guest speakers, activities of special interest groups, exchange activities with other institutions, community service events, entrepreneurial training projects, English- and Chinese-speaking debating tournaments as well as sporting, cheerleading, singing, and dancing competitions which create a ripe atmosphere for student engagement and growth.


There are various sporting activities that are undertaken at universities in Macau. These include basketball, football, tennis, karate, handball, and fencing to mention but a few. Sporting activities keep students fit and at the same time encourages them to do what they love. Students can also get a chance to showcase their gifts and at the same time meet new people and travel places.

Students' Union

The students union is the student representative body that deals with all student affairs. Students can relay various issues that affect their university life. Students’ unions give students a voice to air out their contribution or grievances. This will help enhance their university life as their issues can get addressed.

Cultural & Arts Teams

There are various cultural and arts teams that students can join various groups on campus, these include folk performing arts groups, debate groups, Teambuilding groups, contemporary Music groups, Musical choir, and Public Speaking Teams. 

Site seeing

There is plenty to see in Macau and international students can get the chance to see the various places in Macau. This gives international students a chance to get to know places in Macau.

Social Clubs/ fraternities

There are various fraternities at universities and other social clubs that promote engagement, cohesion, and unity among students. These bring students close together and gives them a unity of purpose.



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