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Macau is a small country but bursting with a fusion of Portuguese and Chinese culture that brings out its uniqueness, and a lifestyle worth experiencing. Let’s look at a few things that bring out the uniqueness of the Macanese culture and lifestyle.

General etiquette

Macanese people are generally friendly to foreigners but are also shy. Note that English is only spoken well by a minority of locals and avoid speaking loudly in public.

When communicating, try using body language with small, friendly gestures to help them understand. Some casinos in Macau have a strict dress codes and visitors who dress informally may not be allowed entry.


The most dominant religion according to the Government Information Bureau is Buddhism, making up 80% of the population. Religious Characteristics of States survey of 2015 however, showed that Chinese folk religions made up about 48.1%, Mahayana Buddhists 17.3%, TAOISTS 11%, Catholics 4.5%, other Christian groups 2.5%, other indigenous religions 1.2%, and non-religious groups made up 15.4%.

Food and cuisine

Travelers traveling to Macau are in for a major treat with unique and tasty Chinese, Portuguese and western style food. It also draw influences from Indian ad Malay dishes, reflecting a cultural and culinary blend.

Chinese food in Macau include Guangdong Cuisine, Sichuan Cuisine, Shanghai Cuisine, and Chaozhou Cuisine, to mention but a few. Guangdong Cuisine is the most popular and you will find a lot of restaurants or eateries offering Guangdong Cuisine.

Western food in Macau is characterized by the styles of Portugal, Japan, Korea, and Southeast Asian Countries. Famous ingredients include Majie Fish, Portuguese Chicken, Green Vegetable Soup, turmeric, coconut milk, adzuki beans, and, to mention but a few.

Other famous dishes include Portuguese-Style Custard, caldo verde, minchee, cozido a portuguesa, Galinha a portuguesa, Cha chaan teng, pastel de nata, to mention but a few.


The music of Macau is called Macanese music, a mixture of Chinese and Portuguese music, and other ethnic groups in the country. Over the years they are groups that have been formed, called "Tunas". It has been blended it with Carnival ballroom celebrations and street festivities. Other Music genres in Macau include, Canto pop, or Hokkien, Rock, Heavy metal, Hip hop, and Opera music.


Sport in Macau includes football, volleyball, basketball, jogging, table tennis, badminton, rugby, swimming and Dragon Boat racing. Football is a popular sport in Macau, though mostly played on a smaller scale.

Basketball is played under FIBA standards and rules and various amateur leagues are organized every year that has led to the increase in popularity of Basketball in the country.

Macau is also home to a number of international sporting events including the Macau International Marathon, Macau Open, FIVB Volleyball Grand Prix and the Macau Grand Prix. Macau has hosted the 2005 East Asian games, 2006 Lusophony games, and the 2007 Asian Indoor Games.

" Its a place to be" - Martin from Canada

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