Jobs for Students in Macau

There are plenty of part-time jobs for students in Macau. Macau has a bustling service, and manufacturing industry which gives students an opportunity to get part-time employment. Part-time job options for students in Macau are as follows:

Marketing assistants- students can get jobs in Macau as marketing assistants. There are number of companies that recruits interns and students to work part-time. It is a great way for students to earn some money while studying at the same time.

Cisco network engineers- This is internship for students that allows them to put into practice the theory learned from the classroom to a professional work setting. Students will be coached and mentored by some of the industry’s best minds who will help challenge and develop their skills.

This Internship increases students’ job readiness and will give students a competitive advantage for landing a full-time job at Cisco. By participating in the Cisco Internship program students will be able to learn the foundations of Networking, work with a team of highly qualified professionals who serve worldwide customers, develop a services mindset, learn how to prioritize, multitask and enable customer success, solve technical issues, optimize workflows or enhance future products, develop an agile approach to learning, practice, troubleshoot and implement, build a professional network, and practice how to communicate well.

Sales agents- students in Macau can also work as freelance sales agents for marketing, cosmetics, and fashion companies. This job allows students to work part-time at their on time and pace. This gives them leeway to navigate between their studies and the job.

Nursing assistants- students can also work as nursing assistants at the university hospitals. This helps then to sharpen their skills and develop the ability to work in the real world.

On-line Work- students in Macau can do online projects an online typing that can earn them money. They work at their own pace and at their own time and earn for their work. They can also conduct online research and paid surveys.

Waiters- Macau has a vast number of restaurants, hotels and motels where students can work as waiters. They can earn a salary and also benefit from tips.

Shop assistants- students can work as shop assistants and serve customers or assist in sorting customer orders in shops. This is a less strenuous job for students and they will perform it with ease.

English tutor- English lecturing or tutoring provides more money for students in Macau. There are many people who pay money to get to learn proper English communication and written language.

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