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Several accommodation options are available for students in Macau. Whether you want a Portuguese styled apartment, modern apartment with a city or sea view, or a homestay with locals, they are all available in Macau.


There are a number of BnBs where students can get accommodation. This is usually for the short run when they are still looking for other accommodation options.

BnBs are relatively cheaper than hotel accommodation. There are BnBs for a single person up to a group of students. Bed and breakfast accommodation provides students with accommodation and meals for students.


Apartments in Macau come fully furnished and may cost up to PCA10 500 for those in the city centre, and PCA 7900 outside of the city centre.

Several apartments in Macau come fully furnished with beds, a couch, a television, TV stand, dining tables and chairs, coffee table, a wardrobe and a washing machine.

Student Residence

The University of Macau has 10 residential colleges namely Chao Kuang Piu College, Cheng Yu Tung College, Cheong Kun Lun College, Choi Kau Yau College, Henry Fok Pearl Jubillee College, Lui Che Woo College, Ma Man Kei and Lo Pak Sam College, Moon Chun Memorial College, Shiu Pong College, and Stanley Ho East Asia College. Each of these residential colleges can accommodate up to 450 to 500 students. The Macau University Science and technology has 5 dormitories as well accommodating students of various degree programs.


A Macanese homestay is probably the best way to save money and also get to know the place through the locals. There are various homestays in Macau where you can get husband and wife as hosts and you are free to use their facilities.

The homes are cosy and clean and students can check-in at any reasonable time as per the agreement with the host family. The hosts can share their meals and other amenities in their home with the student at a fee.



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