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Luxembourg is a multilingual and multicultural country that offers a fun and active student life regardless of your interests. The country is very safe and extremely welcoming to all international students offering them the chance to experience the Irish culture and way of life.

Luxembourg also produces unique graduates owing to its very high educational standards and modern teaching techniques. As a student in Luxembourg, you can work part-time while studying and you still benefit from a 12 month stay back option after you graduate.

Campus life is also very multi-faceted for the majority of its students, the curricular schedule is between 3 to 6 hours per day. Some university lectures last for one hour per day and others up to 6 hours a day depending on the student’s timetable and the courses that they choose. Classes begin as early as 8 am so it is important to arrange your time and activities effectively.

Typically in one academic semester, students have midterms, final exams, and two to four assignments that make up their total grade for a course, each highlighting what the student was taught throughout the semester. We also advise that you arrange your time carefully, compartmentalize your time with your study and activities such as part-time jobs, assignments, or extracurriculars.

As a student in Luxembourg, you experience the best of history, education, and fun, the county’s capital Luxembourg City is home to the largest population of the working demographic in the country. Also, Luxembourg is one of the four capitals of the European Union and is a melting pot of ‘Pan-Europeanism’ embracing the history and beauty of the continent.

Student communities are also very vibrant and active, Universities encourage student participation through clubs, associations, events, and games which take place at different times in a year.
Luxembourg is also home to a growing population of international students and immigrants from different parts of the world with its unique outlook and experience.

Finding the right fit will not be a problem at all, because regardless of your interests or backgrounds many other individuals share more things in common with you. Luxembourgish culture has blended well into universities that both students and staff all mix at different opportunities.

Sports and fitness enthusiasts can also find their niche anywhere in the country, there are many exciting sports activities on campus across universities in Luxembourg. Foreign students with exceptional skills and talent ably find recognition in their university campus and kick-start their professional careers from there.



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