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This beautiful country in the heart of Europe welcomes diversity like no other country, combining the best of both worlds and creating a living environment for people from over 170 countries. As a foreign student in Luxembourg, you get to live in a multicultural society and make international connections with people from all over the world.

The country is the only Grand Duchy in the world and boasts of a UNESCO world heritage site, making it a tourist haven for royal enthusiasts and visitors from all over. A place for free-spirited and open-minded individuals and heaven for gourmet lovers, gastronomists, and party animals alike.

Luxembourg is more than a city, it is a country full of attractions and in the middle of Europe, attracting a dynamic crowd of young and old people looking for new experiences. Nightlife in Luxembourg combines the classic element and a modern ambiance. Nature meets architecture in many of Luxembourgs small cities and landscape that has been rumored to be one of the best in the world.

The people of Luxembourg are extremely fun-loving and this seeps to the international demographic of students and visitors as the locals are free-spirited and very welcoming. Music, arts, culture, and lifestyle are some of the nation’s strongest points with several locations to enjoy and explore. The country boasts of romantic hideaways and recreational spots that double as a meeting point for the growing student community in Luxembourg.

In Luxembourg, there are plenty of things to do and plenty of things to discover, here are some of the top places to have a drink, meet up with friends, party up or just relax;

  • M-Club in Luxembourg City
  • Cafe des Tramways
  • Boos Cafe
  • VIP
  • White Room
  • O’Bar
  • Urban
  • Tube
  • Secret Garden
  • Interview

Since Luxembourg is a small country by size and population, and getting from the north to the south can only take an hour and forty minutes, many of the coolest hang-out spots are situated in the capital city. But the good news is that many of Luxembourg’s higher institutions are located in the capital as well.

"A lot of places to go out for a drink" - Petrov from Russia

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