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For starters, student housing in Luxembourg is provided by all universities and colleges in Luxembourg for all students, both local and international. University campuses dormitories designed in different standards but ultimately well-organized and maintained.

University dormitories provide with all services like heating, internet, and housekeeping. In addition to this, there is a rise in private dormitories run by external bodies in partnership with the university, these dorms are a lot modern and offer premium accommodation services in Luxembourg, however, they cost a lot more than the regular dormitories.

The cost of renting an apartment may differ depending on the location, the utilities they provide ad whether or not they are close to the city center.

There are various options when it comes to student housing in Luxembourg, however, students are advised to start their selection and make their decisions as early as possible, carefully assessing all their available options.

We are excited to help you with all your accommodation needs and save you the difficulty of finding housing even before you arrive in Luxembourg.

Accommodation types for students in Luxembourg;


Living in one room in a house owned by Irish locals or an Irish family. Breakfast and/or Dinner is usually included. This option is not only cheap but it also a brilliant way to learn the language, the culture, and the people.

Single room/ Studio apartments

Living with the comfort and privacy of a one-bedroom unit with a personal kitchen and bathroom. This option is more expensive compared to the others. They usually come with many modern facilities and utilities that are mostly included in the rent

Shared Apartment

Living with other students in a two-bedroom or three-bedroom apartment. This option is very common among students in Luxembourg not only for its affordability but for the chance to interact with other students as well. Under this arrangement bills and rent are split among the occupants.

Typically rent costs between €300 to €500 every month in a shared apartment. Having a room in the home of a host family can cost somewhere between €400 to €550 for a month. Private one-bedroom apartments cost around €300 to €600 per month.

Student accommodations like dormitories or campus halls of residence are not every student’s choice of accommodation in Luxembourg however they typically cost around €150 to €200 monthly.


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