Night Life In Lithuania


Night Life In Lithuania

Night life in Lithuania consists mainly of two components – clubs and casinos. And both of them tend to involve as many guests as possible using the tactics of their competitors: casinos often organize different concerts and you can see playing machines in many night clubs. Lithuania is a comparatively not very big country. That is why you can speak about night life in these three first-rate cities: Vilnius, Kaunas and Klaipeda more or less definitely.

The capital of Lithuania, as it should be for any capital, holds the palm of supremacy in everything including all kinds of entertainment. Night clubs in Vilnius are the most fashionable in the country. Casinos in Vilnius are the richest (that is on second thought more likely to be a negative characteristic). When you go out in Lithuania in summer, prepare to dance in plenty of space and give yourself a moment to carefully pick your shoes! Adequate shoes may be key to a good party. I know all too well that after returning from Tel Aviv, where everything is open all night long and summer stands for more clubbing and better roof parties, any Northern European country might seem a little gloomy.

This is a country of beer lovers, though alus (beer) is far from the only thirst-quencher: cider's common and midus (mead) is making a comeback. Vynas (wine) has made inroads into urban drinking habits, while vodka and fruit liqueurs are served cold and drunk quickly. Rustic pubs are a prevailing theme – whether centuries-old vaults or faux-historic taverns lined with hunting regalia – while Vilnius' and Kaunas' club scene has greater diversity. A den for locals to glug a cold one over trivia nights and sports screenings, this cider pub in a vaulted cellar gets packed out even on weeknights. Bonus: there's free popcorn.

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