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RocApplydedicates this guide to students whose itch for shopping needs a tame. Liechtenstein has something perfect meant to satisfy the crave! The country is one of the consumers of ready-made garments and export clothing for many famous brands!

While these brands are not meant to be sold in the local markets, they are available in well-known shopping spots in the capital. There are several real malls, several of which are found in the country.

You can shop for all sorts of items in Liechtenstein. The capital, Vaduz, is the place to go for all your general retail needs, from supermarkets to department stores, and also has a wide range of souvenir stalls for finding items that are unique to the region.

Many of the souvenirs sold here are similar to those found in Switzerland. You will find fine embroidery and linen, expert woodcarving, delicious Swiss chocolate, handmade beauty clocks and watches, wonderfully-pungent cheeses, and unique Swiss army knives.

However, there are also a few products that are unique to Liechtenstein. The country is famous for its handmade ceramics and pottery, as well as products made from local Balzner marble.

There are also Liechtensteiner wines sold here, many of which will have been recently picked from the vineyards above the souvenir stalls. But perhaps the most unique souvenirs a tourist can take from the country are the postage stamps.

All of the souvenir shops in the capital sell current and historical postage stamps, which offer colorful and graphical demonstrations of the country's monarchy and major events of the last century. The country does not have the shopping-reputation of its landlocked neighbors Switzerland, Germany, or Austria, but it can hold its own for souvenirs.

Malls throughout the country are generally open from 8:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday and closed on Sundays for the Christian Sabbath observance.


Liechtenstein has been famous for its wonderful handmade pottery since the beginning of the '90s. Some of the most impressive pottery-making factories are just a quick ten-minute drive north from Vaduz in the village of Nendeln. Schaan is another popular spot to find pottery in shades of blues, beiges, and yellows.

Postage Stamps

Stamp collectors are in for a real treat when visiting the country. The entire history and natural landscape of Liechtenstein are almost always found upon some sort of postage stamp. Thousands of visitors explore the postage centers around Schaan and Vaduz, making this stamp obsession an important part of the nation’s economy.


Hofkellerei des Fursten Liechtenstein in the city of Vaduz is the prince’s own produce, coming from numerous vineyards owned and run by members of the Royal Family. The red and white selection is unique, although many of the wines range from reasonably expensive to extremely costly. Most of the vineyards here feed this building are located in Austria or other surrounding regions like Germany.


"I enjoy shopping and I found it affordable but some of the clothes are definitely not of the highest quality." - Hassan from Turkey

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