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Stop wondering where you are going to spend your semester abroad! RocApply is here to accelerate your dream to a whole new level which a lifetime opportunity to apply to any one of your favorite universities in Libya all for free! We are ambassadors of value-added education and make life a whole lot easier for our students through the facilitation of a seamless application process to almost anywhere and at any given time!

There is a lot that comes to mind when you hear the word "Libya"! Wars, civil unrest, torture, public violence, political turmoil,.. you name it. Justifiably so, the country has been a center of controversy in the past years with catalyzed by the expulsion of its president Maumma Qadaffi in 2011 and political instability subsequently. This whole affair has overshadowed what is by far one of the most attractive countries in the Northeastern region of Africa for decades now!

We know how curious you are about the balance in this country and RocApply will be glad to serve you! Libya is one of the low-key playing countries in the field of academics and is somewhat growing its bounds to become a preferred student destination in recent years! More and more students from across the globe are flying every year to get an international qualification here because of its Politically and Historically enlighting context! All we do is make the ream come true at no cost, yes, you apply we comply!

Studying here does not only earn you an internationally accredited qualification, interested students can take advantage of the many job opportunities in the country to facilitate study or complete internships. Almost all the institutions have a program that runs incorporation with the Ministry of Education that send students on an internship to different cities and towns. These summer programs engage interns in community health activities assisting local health personnel.

When you choose to study in Libya you dive yourself into a pool of opportunities. The country’s tertiary education is robust and somewhat ubiquitously manned! Students get the chance to immerse themselves into one of the uniquely bounded countries on the African continent that focuses on developing outstanding graduates in almost fields globally! If studying here has been a nag to you then you have been pondering well. Not only do we give the information you need relating this country but we get everything sorted for you the same once you have set your mind to transit!

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About Libya

We know you are still intrigued to know much about this country, exactly why we have dedicated this portion to level up your insight concerning facts about Libya. Be sure to go through this guide to comprehend what manner of country is Libya! Do not only limit yourself onto this guide but also ogle through our filters across the website to widen your understanding further on other related facets. We give you information ranging from cultural components, lifestyle, cost of living, application requirements (assuming you are a student), and flight information all inn one informative piece at RocApply!

It is not uncommon knowledge that the present-day situation in Libya has resulted in many world governments warning against all but essential travel to Libya, as the 2011 civil war rumbles on across the region. However, it is less known that several reputable tour companies with insight into the troubled areas have begun to offer carefully-designed small group tours to numerous of the stunning historical and natural attractions in this incredibly ancient country.

The country is a huge country with a Mediterranean coastline and a remote Sahara Desert region covering 90% of its landmass. The coastal plains hold archaeological sites dating back tens of thousands of years, and the mountains show rock paintings and carvings from the prehistoric era. Remains of Roman, Greek, and Phoenician can be found today, relatively untouched by recent violence. Ancient Carthage ruled the land from three Libyan cities known collectively as Tripolis, and Roman Leptis Magna and Greek Cyrene are must-visit on any travel agenda.

In general, the people are friendly, happy to share their heritage and culture with foreigners to the extent of inviting them into their homes. Tripoli has four international hotels offering every comfort imaginable and an alternative of smaller hotels for those on more limited funds. Several areas around attractions boast standard lodging, while smaller towns and villages have basic accommodations. The country’s dramatic coast around Zuwarah splashes with several small resorts with unspoiled beaches and warm, azure seas.

For history buffs, the country is one of the world’s most exciting destinations as it was an important part of every major empire from the Phoenicians to Greek, Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman. All of these unique civilizations left their trademark on the country, and organized tours display architectural wonders as well as the traditional Berber desert lifestyle thriving in the Saharan wasteland. Whether you are taking a day trip or staying longer in each destination, exploring the country is an unforgettable experience.

About Libya's Economy

We know how students get concerned about the quality of life in a foreign country! No one would just travel with an appreciation of the economy of the country of destination which is why we have dedicated this section to inform you about the economy of Libya. The information here will but only enhance your decision-making process for studying abroad here. We hope after you are done reading through you will save time to apply with RocApply to the university of your choice!

Libya’s per capita income is among the highest in Africa. Oil revenues remain the country’s main source of income. At the beginning of the 21st century, oil and natural gas together accounted for almost three-fourths of the national revenue and nearly all of the country's export earnings, although they employed less than one-tenth of the labor force. Under Muammar al-Qaddafi (1969–2011), the government exerted tough control over the economy; the petroleum industry was nationalized in the 1970s, and state trade unions and industrial organizations ran most other industries and utilities.

To deduct the country’s heavy dependence on oil, economic policy has emphasized agricultural and industrial developments. Declining oil revenues during the 1980s, however, led to frequent revisions and delays in planned developments. Domestic reforms directed to liberalize economic policy and encourage private enterprise, begun in the late 1980s, continued into the 21st century.

Agriculture is limited by the environment and by shortages of labor. Only about 1% of the total land area is cultivated, mostly on the Al-Jifārah and Barce plains, and about one-tenth of that is irrigated. An additional almost one-tenth of the land is in the pasture. The war around Tripoli that erupted in April 2019 between the two main political rivals reversed the momentum of the relative economic recovery between 2017-18.

Indeed, Libya managed to more than double its oil production over the last decade recovery period, to reach 1.17 million barrels per day (BPD) in April 2019. Oil production declined by 0.1 million BPD at the end of July 2019. As the violence does not seem likely to recede, it is expected that this production trend will continue over the rest of the decade. Within this dynamic, GDP growth was expected to slow down to around 5.5% in 2019 (down from an average 17.3% over 2017-2018), mainly driven by higher average oil production (1.05 million BPD vs. 0.96 million BPD in 2018) and steady domestic demand.

DISCLAIMER: This report is on 2019 October! Due to the sensitivity of economic information and data privacy, RocApply publishes only authentic indices as gathered from relevant and trusted sources .

Why Study in Libya

Affordable Tuition Fees in Libya
Welcoming atmosphere
While there’re many reasons to come to Libya, there is one impression that lasts forever when you leave; the notable kindliness of the Libyan people. Making friends here is unavoidable and one that touches the lives of so many students. Libyans will make you think twice about returning home after your study abroad. They strongly believe in networks and therefore you will find yourself immersing in a well-connected environment here.
Affordable Accomodation in Libya
Accredited Certification
In recent years the Libyan tertiary academic sector has transitioned from traditional systems to many modernized methods. Scientific research has become the focal point for Libyan institutions, thereby attracting global recognition in the academic sphere! A qualification here will propel you to greater heights on the international job market without any hassle. Students from Libyan institutions are outstanding scientific and research fields!
International Environment in Libya
During and after your study, one thing you will attest to is the calmness of the Libyan people and their willing engagement in development circles! As a student here you will establish yourself into academic relationships that will culminate endless opportunities after your study abroad. These networks strengthen the student's understanding of the environment and avail more avenues of self-development and career advancement in different ways!!
Great Weather in Libya
Student life
One of the attributes of Libyan institutions that make them significant is outstanding student life here. Universities are committed to making the student life as amazing as it can get. Some programs are arranged to empower students in multiple ways, psychologically, physically, and financially. Seminars are held with various organizations to facilitate such arrangements. If a memorable study abroad is something on your top-end of the list of priorities, try Libyan schools!

Scholarships in Libya

RocApply has decided to write a functional guide to help you understand the essential procedures and actions step by step that you need to undertake a scholarship in Libya. There are many excellent universities in the country. The universities, colleges, and schools are well-known in the academic circle. Vast international students are willing to get an education in the best universities here. To make this lighter task organizations have dedicated themselves to helping students with grants and scholarships that allow them to pursue education seamlessly!

Scholarships and grants are available for both Libyans and foreign students from developing countries to study abroad alike. International and national colleges and universities offer financial aids in the form of scholarships to aspiring students. This page keeps you aware of much about what’s available. Libyan scholarships and awards are offered for both the natives and foreigners at different course levels i.e. undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate and postdoctoral or research programs.

Libya Student Visa

This is the part that every student what to deal with once they have secured a vacancy in their Libyan University selection, VISA accessibility. Wee, sit back and relax we have you back covered! Once you have been admitted into one of the institutions, RocApply will help you to process the study visa from your home country. It is not much of a hassle to get one once you have been slotted through the university if your choice.

We have a page dedicated to giving you consular services in whichever country you may be coming from. These will help you identify the actual website to process the student visa for you. But not all students who intend to study in Libya are visa-bound. Special attention must be taken when applying as to whether your native country is under visa-exemption of otherwise! RocApply will take you to the bridge but it’s your sole responsibility to cooperate with consular services to get the visa processed much earlier!